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I was going to ping you on Twitter but I don't think you're on there anymore (fair). Engadget covered Penrose!

Hey, thanks! I appreciate that! There will be others!

You've found another bug! I am good at programming. I'll get this fixed.

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I can see why you're confused - it looks like something has changed with the Playdate SDK since the first Shift was released and the score is not updating correctly. It knows what your score is,  its just not being reflected in the UI. Shift II does not appear to have this issue.

I'll get this fixed and report back here when its been updated on Itch and Catalog.

That said, in Shift each tile is worth 1 point,  multiplied by your current streak.

In Shift II, each tile is worth 1 through 6 points, multiplied by your current streak. The point values for each tile type can be seen when you pause the game via the menu button.

I think I've found the culprit here. I've made some adjustments and have played a game up to level 34 on both a revA and a revB units, and was not able to reproduce this any longer. 

If you're willing, I'd like to send you a build to side load to see if it fixes it for you. Drop me an email at if you have some time to to try it out.

Thank you! I'll get this fixed asap!

Sorry to hear that you're running into issues with it! Did you encounter these issues with the Itch version? When you say you copied files over, which ones were they exactly?  Could you describe the glitches you're seeing? It would help me track down what the issue could be.

I'll admit I've not built this game on the latest Playdate SDK, so it's possible that might be the culprit. I'll do that today and see if I can reproduce any weirdness on the device.

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Hey! I'm going to delete your comment because that's a great big spoiler, but to answer your question - nothing changes if you don't happen to have it. 

I'm glad you had a good time with it!

I'm happy to hear that! I do bundles here every so often (the last one was in November), but all of my games are also on Catalog and they'll all be discounted for the anniversary sale.

I'm glad to hear you're having fun with it! If you wouldn't mind dropping a rating on it when you have a sec, I'd really appreciate it!

I'm happy you had a good time with it! Thanks for playing!

The update is now available on Catalog. Thanks again for reporting the issue!

Happy you had fun! Thanks for playing it - drop a rating on it if you have some time!

Hey! Thanks for letting me know - I'll get it fixed and report back here when the update is available on Catalog! I'm glad you're having fun with it!

I'm glad you're having fun with it! If you have a second to drop a rating on it, I'd appreciate it!

Are you on the latest version of the game (1.5.0)? I was pretty sure I'd fixed what you're describing in that version after another player brought it up the same issue.

The version is displayed in the bottom right corner of the credits menu.

I loved all of those games too - thanks for picking it up, I'm  happy you're enjoying it!

Hey there!

Some folks in the Hello Playdate Podcast discord were having issues side loading your game via the Playdate website, so I took a look and noticed that your game's bundleId is "com.organization.package". That value should be unique, like "com.clactic.escape".

The likelyhood of another game already being on someone's device (and those folks have a LOT of games) with that same bundle id is apparently pretty high, and it causes a name collision that prevents the Playdate from seeing it as a new game (since your build number is 1) if a game with that bundleId already exists on the device. A worse case scenario would be that if your build number was higher than the game that was already installed, your game would overwrite it. 

I verified that this was the problem with someone who was unable to sideload by changing the bundleId myself and having them try it, and that solved their problem.

I figured you'd want to know!

Wow, thanks! Happy you've enjoyed it! Please consider rating it when you have the time!

Hey thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying both! If you have a sec, and wouldn't mind, drop a rating on them!

Hey, thats so nice to hear! Super happy you're enjoying it. If you could drop a rating on it when you have a chance I'd appreciate it!

Thanks for checking it out! Have fun!

They came out at the same time, but I get it. Drop me an email at and I'll help you out.

Glad you're having fun with it! Email me at and I'll let you know what to do - don't want to post any spoilers here!

I'm so happy to hear you're having fun with it! Thanks for playing the game!

The comic shop owner has already taught you the magic spell, and you don't need to use the duck feather there,  you need to use the duck feather somewhere else where levitation could be useful.

(I should probably improve the dialog there to make it more clear.)

Sorry, what are you seeing? I've just checked the itch and the catalog builds and they have borders.

Sorry for the late response! I'm pretty sure Catalog supports vouchers, so if there's something you want of mine that you've already paid for here just let me know and I'll send you a code for it.

The only games that will have features that aren't supported outside of Catalog are Generations and Shift, which are going to use Panic's leaderboard API like some of the season games. This API is not usable for non-Catalog distributions (which is really sad), but everything else will be the same.

This has been fixed in v1.1.0. Thanks again for reporting it!

Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for picking it up! 

I don't know if you're an iOS or M1 Mac user, but I've just released a version of Generations for those platforms. Do let me know what you think of it if you check it out!

Here's a link!

Hey! Thanks so much, and yes - I have plans for at least two more! If you wouldn't mind giving the game a rating when you have a chance it would help me out a ton!

I've just received word from Panic that all four of the games I've submitted were approved for Catalog!

I'm so glad you've had fun with it - and thank you so much for the rating!


I am very much hoping to. I've submitted Post Hero, Shift, Generations and Greed for consideration.  Just waiting to hear back from Panic!

Emailed you!


I guess that’ll teach you to not to poke cow poop with whatever you happen to have on you.

Thanks for letting me know! Glad you’re having fun with it (and Generations!). I’ll have a patch for that and some other issues soon.