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Thanks for your feedback! The idea with the spear horses is very good, thanks for that. The game needs some balancing in the next weeks.


I would be cool too a split-screen option like a local multiplayer mode where one player is red and other is a blue (or both blue) :)

Obvious it would take more time so its a better idea to publish the Split-Screen after you tweak the principal stuff.

Good luck with this game :D


Thx! Another great idea, but before I would implement a splitscreen mode, I want to add a lan mode and maybe a real multiplayer.

But as you said, I want to finish and polish the main parts of the game first and then thinks like splitscreen, lan and multiplayer.

If its just lagging try a Smaller resolution, It works for unity, becouse of the 'Camra setting' It only renders what you see, if u do a lower Res, it will have less time spreading the Images. =D