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I found a bug, Where when you deselect more than 2 Towers One tower gets its Textured messed up!

When is the next Update Going be relesed?

You wish, I just like Talking About my ideas.... Also, I don't honestly do much :(

Also with the mage, If your going to do teirs, well the Lower one could just be fire and the Mediam,esc i put before and the elite one Could have a separate name Necromancer (This ability has a time limit) Basicly when every a unit kills one unit then the necromancer would change it to its team but will change color depending on what team, Blue- Purple Red- Orange but if only if its in range Then it would have to wait Like 25sec And it would have a side Ability. Like a Bad one, (Fire or something), =D

Hey I'v got some Ideas for some units, Here's a list. And a desc i guess.

1: Dual Wield Swordsman - A unit with 2 swords

2: Assassin - A dagger (Less range) That has 1.5 Speed (Lets say the normal sword/spear have 1 speed. Its the simplest way i could put it)

3: Dwarf - Smaller unit, with different classes eg: Dwarf Speer, Dwarf sword.

4: Knight - Its a Unit but armored, Like its where you hit the armor but does not effect the unit

(Its Kinda Not relistic but yea!)

5: Mage - Ranged unit it has a Staff that summons a Orb that goes above the target then turns it into a mini cloud then A Bolt comes down!

Thats it, I will share with you any thing i come up with, And not on twitter or any thing rather than Itch so other Devs looking for ideas can see this. and maybe take this into there game, =D

Also Nice model for the new Castle. And the OutPost Tower. I like it!

Hey, So i have a lot of ideas, Again, Sorry, But this May be a lot, And i just wanted to say, Your one of the best Dev's out there, You respond so fast =D others would take like a Month to Respond, Any to the ideas,

Idea 1: So Like i said yesterday, About the Structures and the reinforcement System, I was thinking about the campaign that you announced on IronGames 45's 2nd comment, Where you said the campaign was nearly complete but It would be cool for Custom Maps With structures for the maps instead of the Normal flat maps, Example: The Huge castle with a ton of Houses with A bridge, Talking about it, Is Water going to be added? and if it is, Is it going to be placeable or just like trees, Its going to need a seed for it?

Idea 2: Just incase for Really old Pc's and the game might not run. It would be kinda cool to be a 2d Version of the game where There would be like Ancient warfare 1, Or as a test idea you said when it came out first. Like where there would only be you and about 4-8 Bots versing you, =D Or if you want to keep it the same, Like with allies.

Idea 3: Similar With Idea 2. If you don't like the 2d games inspired by Command and conquer you could do a Bird eye view of the Game! Also, A Map Would be cool! but, How would you even Scripted it?

Just something: I like this game better than Tabs, The fact that you can control Your own unit! Thats epic!

Idea 4/Question: I'v used unity before And the default 'Setting' Involve Shaders, Why are they not enabled, I know their a Fps problem but that's only effects when there's to many Objects in the game!, So could you put a Shader Effect on it? Please? =D

End: Well, I wanted to say Thank you for creating this! It was a Great idea for this game. Sorry if this is kinda harsh but when u started making the game did you have any douts?

Hey, Another Suggestion, I was busy playing the game, And while i was seeing what unit is better for killing each other unit. Its all kinda the same, As i meen Mace and sword, It seems when the Sword's blade just Touches the Blue/Red (Depending on the team),

Shouldn't it be when the Animation start, Instead of when your running past, You legit just scrape the Sword and your dead. You should do different Animations depend on the class for example the speer, the normal swing, and the charge, And other units exel towards different units for example Shielded units should be easily taken down by spears or pikes, Also it would be epic for different tiers of units what increases Intelligence For example, The archer, There could be a Egmergancy archer that is't trained well and low ac, And the medium Archers, where basicly default, Or the Elite archer were the archer is nearly spot on, And also know where to aim on the 'Shielded' Units for example there Feet. and the Shield units the elite can actually swing their Shield around at the Opponent. Talking about shields it would be cool while your 'Blocking' with your shield if you are moving If your shield Hits some one it should push them. But as i meant when i started with, The pikes Kill you even if you hit the Wooden Stick.

So thanks again and keep up the Extremely good work =D

(Its also my fav game on Itch And Jolt =D so thanks)

Also another idea, It would be cool for like a some sort of reinforcement system for like a bit a time after a start of a battle Units Appear Or off Men of war Assault squad 2, you have points, theres button were you can press it, then press a part of the screen then units of your choice appear at the end of the map and head towards the point you clicked before on the screen, after that the points will go down for eg: 4 Swords for 250 Points Max 1500?

If its just lagging try a Smaller resolution, It works for unity, becouse of the 'Camra setting' It only renders what you see, if u do a lower Res, it will have less time spreading the Images. =D

Okay, Is the castle going to be small, or like huge, (Where your units can go inside)

Also Nice game, It would be cool if u could place down Structures for the Ai's to walk on, that would be epic =D, But its just a suggestion

I just noticed that in one of the Pack's You can see some of the locked units, Eg: