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Okay, Is the castle going to be small, or like huge, (Where your units can go inside)


Also another idea, It would be cool for like a some sort of reinforcement system for like a bit a time after a start of a battle Units Appear Or off Men of war Assault squad 2, you have points, theres button were you can press it, then press a part of the screen then units of your choice appear at the end of the map and head towards the point you clicked before on the screen, after that the points will go down for eg: 4 Swords for 250 Points Max 1500?


About the castle size: I think I will add different types from small to large.

The other idea is really cool, it would be a nice spectate gamemode with interaction.

I will take look at this idea, thank you again!


Hey, Another Suggestion, I was busy playing the game, And while i was seeing what unit is better for killing each other unit. Its all kinda the same, As i meen Mace and sword, It seems when the Sword's blade just Touches the Blue/Red (Depending on the team),

Shouldn't it be when the Animation start, Instead of when your running past, You legit just scrape the Sword and your dead. You should do different Animations depend on the class for example the speer, the normal swing, and the charge, And other units exel towards different units for example Shielded units should be easily taken down by spears or pikes, Also it would be epic for different tiers of units what increases Intelligence For example, The archer, There could be a Egmergancy archer that is't trained well and low ac, And the medium Archers, where basicly default, Or the Elite archer were the archer is nearly spot on, And also know where to aim on the 'Shielded' Units for example there Feet. and the Shield units the elite can actually swing their Shield around at the Opponent. Talking about shields it would be cool while your 'Blocking' with your shield if you are moving If your shield Hits some one it should push them. But as i meant when i started with, The pikes Kill you even if you hit the Wooden Stick.

So thanks again and keep up the Extremely good work =D

(Its also my fav game on Itch And Jolt =D so thanks)

Wow! This is why I published a beta version. Really thank you for you great feedback!

I will take a look at the behaviour and find a solution. Imagine a horse would run into a pike or a spear. I think it would die. So, I have to check how heavy the impact was and some other stuff like the animations.

The unit tiers would be really cool in the gamemode you suggested.