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A member registered Oct 25, 2016

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Wait, pathfinding? IMPOSSIBLE!

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Neither works, still can't "deselect" the units, when i mean "deselecting" i mean unselecting the units that im "going" to spawn, i can't unselect it, so i can't delete or modify or units. [Edit: Nvm solved it, thanks!]

How does one deselect?

I also think the Pathfinding is a bit wrong, when i put a Elephant inside a castle, instead of walking to the gate and go fight the enemies, he just go break the walls so he can get out. :(

Is there a way to rotate units faster?

Best name evur! :3


btw the Spear is locked too

Why you put the Sword & Shield locked?

Its only me or its pretty hard to aim while im in a car or im using the machine gun of a tank? (Since the tank just dont stop aiming at random stuff :v)

Yessss! Its sad that the game is focused in the Ancient era, but it would be cool :D

Why it is Local Multiplayer?

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Is there a way to get my own Squad so i cant pilot a tank and have a AI uses the machine gun?

And btw i dont understand why the AI dont enter in the vehicle when im in :(

Is it possible for you add Split-Screen (Like Local Multiplayer)? It would be awesome! like, the game is already awesome, but with split-screen it would be MORE :D

I would be cool too a split-screen option like a local multiplayer mode where one player is red and other is a blue (or both blue) :)

Obvious it would take more time so its a better idea to publish the Split-Screen after you tweak the principal stuff.

Good luck with this game :D

Then why its tagged as Local Multiplayer?

Great game! Well... I can't play with more than 140 units or my game crash... but thats still good! But i have a question: Why is the cav so weak? Like they get insta-kill from every unit in the game and rarely they kill someone. I would like to see when the cav have pikes (or spears) they would low their spears so they could first hit the enemy :)