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I went ahead and ordered a two-pack. If it doesn't work out for Joggernauts, I can probably re-purpose them for some other novel use. I'll let you know how it goes, and look forward to the phone interface in any case.

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Awesome, I hope they work! Please do let me know what you find out. If it just ends up being an issue with the buttons being mapped incorrectly that's something we could fix pretty easily.

Keep in mind when you are testing: You can use the space key and arrow keys on your keyboard to get through the menus. That way you can at least see if any of the other buttons controlling the players do work.


Out of the box, the gamepads I ordered (Next Game Controller, in the style of Super Nintendo controllers) didn't really work. The arrow buttons didn't work at all, Start worked, X = jump, B = swap. No buttons mapped to duck. I see there is some free software out there that will remap controllers, so I'm going to give that a try and let you know what learn.

Weird! So interesting that some buttons worked but the d-pad arrows were mapped differently than what we are expecting to see. I wonder how the heck they mapped them.


I was able to remap the gamepads using the app Joystick Mapper, which wasn't free ($5), but worked very well. The B button (down position) was pretty wonky though. It would make one character jump and another one swap and I couldn't get it to behave. I ended up assigning the jump functionality to X (top position), and that seems to work fine.