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An incredibly solid arcade game.

For a week-long jam game, this was insanely polished from graphics to gameplay and humor to music.

The goal of the game is to guide your floating pair of teeth through a series of obstacles that, when hit, unleash an awkward conversation topic on the screen. Each topic you hit increases your conversation-o-meter™ towards the red. Hit to many and you lose the game.

Aside from the neat graphical touches that include parallax backgrounds, I found the standout of this game to be the movement of your toothsome character.  The flight controls are incredibly tight, and for those having trouble mastering them, the key to movement is to hold a direction and pump Z/X to move swiftly horizontally.

The conversation obstacles that litter the screen can seem daunting, but the hitboxes are cleverly smaller than they actually appear, allowing you to navigate safely even between dangerous diagonal points.

Each level consists of different movement patterns for the conversation obstacles which requires you to slightly switch up strategies as you progress through the main game, although there is also an endless mode that provides an extended challenge as well as a training opportunity for newbies.

The humor of the conversations is woven very well into the gameplay, though a minor gripe I do have is that most players will most likely be too focused on the need for precise movement to notice conversation texts that pop up when you hit an obstacle.

I also want to give a shout out to the music if that was also made specifically for the jam. If not, it was definitely apt at least.

All-in-all, a pretty tight and amazing game regardless of how long it took to make. I'd go as far as betting this will most likely be the Game of the Jam from what I've seen so far.

hi music man here, i did make it for the jam thanks for noticing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!