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i thought it was a room but it was a world. this made me feel a lot of things and i want to make games like this

Kristallijn community · Created a new topic this is great

this whole thing tracks with dreams i've had all my life about strange sprawling interiors. the bit that got me the most is behind a nearly missable door towards the beginning, in the first room with the columns, where you can progress without ever moving through that yellow/orange light. there's a fire exit door, and some stairs, and a person walks away from you a lot faster than you'd expect. that was the moment for me!

Can confirm this worked for me too!

hmm thats interesting. i have no idea which ones might have problems, and i have a lot of images.

i watched my network usage in task manager while clicking upload, its Definitely sending something at 3-5mbps for a while, but then it drops back down to nothing and the button just keeps saying "uploading..."

i've now got 2 maps that refuse to upload. they both just say "uploading.." forever - i DO have one map uploaded, so it's Possible, but the other two maps are much bigger.

i really love this and have been fidding with it on and off all day, i really hope y'all keep expanding this out!

i've got a problem though - when i tried to upload my first world the game said it uploaded, but it never showed up in the browser for me or friends of mine. every time i try to re-upload it now it gets stuck forever on "Uploading.." i let it go 30 minutes at a stretch, and it never resolved. i loved that world and want people to see it :(

I went back in and had another 45 minutes of goooood exploration time. thank you so much for this

can you survive

not even in the game. just generally

Yep, at 20 seconds.

i spent about 45 minutes walking through this, what a wonderful thing. the sense of scale is really something else, and i will soon go back and try to find all the other parts of the list i wasn't able to get to this time.

do you think you could release an update that allows us to toggle off specifically that one really high-pitched environment noise that seems fairly common? i wasnt ever able to figure out quite what it was meant to represent, but it's really piercing and almost hurt to hear - i tended to walk a wide circle to avoid it whenever it triggered. i know there's a mute audio button but i love all the other audio in the game!

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this is so cool, i love this world

For a while I tried to consider the logistics of recording my session and OBS with a third program to show it in action and how I could maybe get you logs of it happening, but then my brain exploded???

You mentioning GPU physics gave me an idea: I switched from the NVENC (GPU-based) OBS encoder to a CPU-based x264 encoder... but the same thing happened, so that theory's out the window. However, I did find out that non-fractal structures (at least the boat) are immune to this collision issue.

Really, like I said, it doesn't matter - display capture works just fine and I really, Really dig this game and can't wait to see how it develops and your future projects. If the problem fixed itself without restarting the game I'd have an unconventional little noclip cheat on my hands!!!

Holy moly this is so cool! The boat is such an incredible touch; I can see myself coming back here often. I feel like, if you were to take this in a more traditional game-y direction at some point, a "delivery quest/maintenance" game could work well here. Circumnavigating between these different worlds, finding where the good spots to teleport are, getting routes down and trying to find new delivery/quest spots, etc. 

I've been following radio signals for an hour and just now found one of those white floating pyramids that made the fractal warp pretty dramatically for a while, and now I'm determined to find... more

I'm not sure how to describe this: I'm having a hilarious problem where, whenever I start capturing the game via OBS to stream, suddenly everything loses all collision and I fall straight down forever. I've tried it multiple times, and it's always the Instant that the Game Capture grabs the game that I start falling. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm actually streaming, but it works just fine with the Monitor Capture tool! I just figured you should know, I'm pretty curious as to what's making that happen

you knocked this out of the park, the presentation and polish you brought to this is absolutely bonkers!!!! i wasnt able to find whatever the captured vessel is to free it but i had a ton of fun doing the rest of the missions

this was so great

i love this!!!! i was upset when the beta finished because i was having a blast. absolutely cannot wait for the full game

you have some great marble-on-surface sounds, and i really hope and wish y'all the best that you get those sounds feelin' Visceral and Marbley.

Very glad I followed you for updates - this is great news

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I figured it was a conscious choice, but it makes the balance of interactivity severely imbalanced towards "take." The only interactivity I had experienced at all in the game up to the point where I had to stop for my own sanity was to slowly explore environments and find the button prompt. As I implied, if we'd just be able to look or walk around during these dialogues, the problem would be alleviated quite a bit - we're never locked to a view worth staring at. Another solution would be to give each dialogue a mandatory ~3 seconds, and after that give the user an option to press forward. 10+ seconds for how short these lines tend to be is, frankly, astounding.

Another cool addition would be to make sure each dialogue line is preceded by the name of the person speaking, or giving each person specific colors for their text. Sometimes when you press E on Clara, she is the one to start talking, other times it's you, so it sometimes takes a while to figure out who is saying what. If this is meant to evoke/expand upon some kind of "blurry separations between people/viewpoints" theme, it's not quite salient yet.

I'm not trying to be mean, I was really excited for this game when I heard about it, but I only have so much time to literally stare at wall textures before I need the game to move on.

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I'm sorry, I could not finish this game - I found the slow pace of the dialogue excruciating, which was exacerbated by the fact that, during all dialogue sequences, you are locked to one position/viewing angle (for example, Multiple 10-second waits where all you see is a wall texture and the line "Hm..." with absolutely nothing else to do). 

Walking down the theater while having a conversation could have been interesting, but I found myself very frustrated when, every ten steps, Clara would lock you in a dialogue sequence for Over a Minute to pontificate on whether the audience are performers (they are).

If I'm honest with myself, I would have just stuck it out to the end of the game, but I had a hunch that's launcher had auto-downloaded the oldest version, which it did - the 1.06 version is not the one people will be downloading with the launcher unless they select it manually. I had just watched the Extremely slow cremation sequence when I realized this and, hoping that the latest version would let me skip forward through dialogue at my own reading pace, tried to restart the game. Once I realized that I would then have to sit through the same dialogue for another thirty minutes, I had to give up.

To be clear: I absolutely do not want to just skip through dialogue, this subject matter is interesting to me as a performance studies academic. I would genuinely love to finish this game some day so I can think about it in its entirety, but it will be when I'm able to push forward at my own pace. 

what a great time! absolutely looking forward to more of your work



this is such a fun dang thing!!!!!!!!!! you tricksy!!!!! you devil!!

i really loved this!

I had no expectations going in but was immediately surprised to find that this is a Build engine title, much different than the Unity games I'm so used to seeing on itch. Then I fell in love with all the colors, the architecture, and the sounds and music especially were great - synths, but not synthwave. Just some wonderful spaces to navigate, which is my favorite type of game to play. I can't wait to see what you do next!

By the way - can I ask how you created the music for this? Is it Build's default music format or something else?

jess harveyretweeted your tweet about your next game and the phrase "atmosphere over jump scares" convinced me to play this.

although this is effecitvely just the slenderman pages game in a maze, the texture/light work is really cool and way more convincing as a space. the othersight mechanic is really interesting as an idea but since the floating baby sees you when you use it, i found it easier to just follow the maze on my own. a really solid-feeling first project, i'm excited for filthbreed!

the metal door creak in this game is so fucking incredible aaaaaa

hi music man here, i did make it for the jam thanks for noticing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for your support