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i spent about 45 minutes walking through this, what a wonderful thing. the sense of scale is really something else, and i will soon go back and try to find all the other parts of the list i wasn't able to get to this time.

do you think you could release an update that allows us to toggle off specifically that one really high-pitched environment noise that seems fairly common? i wasnt ever able to figure out quite what it was meant to represent, but it's really piercing and almost hurt to hear - i tended to walk a wide circle to avoid it whenever it triggered. i know there's a mute audio button but i love all the other audio in the game!

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Hmm, maybe. Does the sound occur in this video?

And if so at what point?
Most of the sounds are of real insects and birds. I'm guessing the offending sound is a cricket or cycada.


Yep, at 20 seconds.


Ok thanks. I think that's some sort of insect (not sure exactly what). It's a live recording anyway. I'll think about adding the option you asked for, but no promises.


Ok I've removed that particular track from the game.


Thanks!  Wow that sound was super loud and painful.

This is a really cool thing you've made!

I went back in and had another 45 minutes of goooood exploration time. thank you so much for this