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Have the download links been removed?

I have apparently snoozed and loozed as the button is rightfully gone

I hope the world decays and everything in it dies aka everything goes well!

The game seems to be for sale still.  Is it alright to buy it?

v smol <3

I played this game what feels like ages ago.  What's new?

Well they look good!  do you do the graphics yourself as well?

Are there physical copies available or are those renders of faux books?

Instead of a player planet perhaps a space station.  that seems more in line with the themes of the game.

I find myself clicking Large then Small to rebuild a Small city since Rebuild doesn't seem to do anything.

Is it possible to mute the music?

It's not fun to stand in place while the Stamina slowly regens, though.  Hm

How do you sleep?  I'm just standing in the bed...

This seems fun

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I built a pipe and nothing changed.  The pipe is there, connected to the right side of the map.  What am I doing wrong?

edit: you need to add Sumps.

Color me intrigued

Well it seems quite obvious when you put it that way!  Yes I think that must have been what I tried.

I adore ttrpg/sigilcraft crossover episodes.  Gamifying chaos magic is so obvious yet absurd.  Cheers!

I love it!  What a cool twist on the alchemist sort of playstyle.

It gets weird if you try to use black paper color.  The context menu can get unreadable.

Well this seems neat!


I'm also interested in a physical copy, thanks!

What on earth drove people to hate on you??

Anyway, this game looks neat

rad!  i am stoked to look through this, thanks

No prob!  loving this weirdness :)

any other fun tools on itch you like and might shout out?  i never thought to look here for tools n stuff

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When I download it via the launcher it doesn't seem to include the current Windows build, just the current Mac build and old Windows builds

Yeah it looks like only OLD VERSIONS is available via the launcher.  prob worth checkin out.  thanks!

I love this game

lol I just got here!

This was a good idea, by the way.

This says "pre-order" at the Tuesday Knight website - is that just for the physical copy?

This looks great!

This is weird, thanks

What I cannot figure out is why sometimes and only sometimes do the tiles change while they're in my hand?  It seems bizarre and unpredictable

the gold seems to pile up on the villages but i never pick it up

i am dying of hunger more or less 100% of the time

Thanks!  I'm really enjoying this, I hope you are able to keep working with it maybe even into a commercial release.  It's a great mixture of elements

I turned in 500 gold.  I got the level up screen but there was only one card available to choose.  Since I didn't choose 2 cards, the screen would not go away, and I could not continue the game.

Hey this is like the opposite of that one game

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I love the concept of this game!

I got a fatal error / crash after passing a medium encounter in the woods between two nodes.

I liked the sound it made when I did bad and I thought by doing bad I was doing good, until I died, the game.

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I would like it if I had full control of my view with the right stick.  I like to look up.  Also in some areas I am not able to look where I'm going; it may be a bug.

Interesting, thanks for the insight