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had to start over with my progress, but that did work

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Every time I install this with the launcher it doesn't work - it just prompts me to install it again.  Any idea why this is happening? on windows

Every time I install this with the launcher it doesn't work - it just prompts me to install it again.  Any idea why this is happening?

How do I get the DLC if I already have the game?

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How do shuttles work?  Mine just sits there (within 15 tiles of home base) "Waiting for crew" and won't go on a mission.  It has full fuel.  I'm trying to move it to be a mobile construction office to build the radio tower far away.

edit: okay, it finally left on the mission.  it landed next to the intended radio tower location.  the entrance to the shuttle and the entrance to the tower were not blocked.  the game complained that there is no route.  i have no idea what i'm supposed to do.

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I have plenty of Air and Water, but my "air/water capacity of life support system" is bottoming out, and my colonists are dying.

How do I turn Air/Water into Air/Water supply?

edit:  this comes up in a later quest.  having this gated resulted in a lot of deaths.  i would like this to become available once its needed, not after its been needed for a long time.

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Neat game!  One gripe-

It's really annoying that all Warriors all target the same enemy every time.  Spreading several Barracks over the map should mean that they split up sensibly, but they will instead run to the far end letting enemies right next to them destroy your base.

I'd just request that Warriors update their attack priority far more often

Bug(?): Melody Miestro goes into negative Strength

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Bug?: If both characters have a stack of Mirror, the damage does not consume a stack of Mirror from both characters and double-reflect back to the intended target

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Bug: the card (i think it is called "STOP") that only does damage if the previous card was "Spin" still does damage on turn 1, when there is no previous card

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Anyone manage a win with Groove Oracle?  It seems like the hardest by far.  Insult to injury, when you fight another Groove Oracle they always seem to be The Guy She Told You Not To Worry About aka you but way way better.

Likewise, having an "Abandon" option would help mitigate frustration from doomed runs if, e.g., you are attempting to win with the Groove Oracle

this is a fun little game though!

You can always just open PDFs in your web browser of choice to bypass any issues

I find it difficult to tell what light level it is by the thing on the side.  Other than that, I am really enjoying the game!  Very cool

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QoL request:  When picking up items in the inventory, please do not move them around until I put the item down.  It makes it awkward to deal with the inventory.  Please leave a blank space where I picked up an item until I place it somewhere.  The items keep moving around and confusing me.

Alternatively, when in the inventory, please let us right-click the item to see its description without picking it up.  

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Cannot install via launcher; there appear to be no builds to choose for the "Install:" dropdown

Very cool, thank you!

It's hard to click the things that need to be dragged

Will you please add controller support?  It's so hard to hit the defense spell on keyboard when it would be dead simple on a controller

The timing for blocking is so weird.  I always feel like I hit it at the right time and take damage anyway.  I want to like the game but every damage I take feels cheap.  I've put many hours into the game so it's not inexperience.

oh hey!

I am so glad to have found it again.  It does something amazing with the combination of genre and mechanics that I wish more games would do.  Cheers

I appreciate the limited scope here, it feels like a proof of concept but it gets to some fun stuff.  I'd love to see an expansion of this general gameplay loop with limited base building and automating of bots while the player runs off on missions.  Very Slime Rancher minimal vibes.  Cheers!

Great!  This is a neat game

It feels like I never have enough.  I think there needs to be an option to start with enough resources to start your first town (like civ).  I think the resource spawning needs to be normalized so there's always what you need within x tiles.  It is a really really cool idea but how it plays out is always arbitrary.  Oh, and it shouldn't be possible to hang out near someone else's town and steal their stuff without spending a sword.

Playing as Samurai

I chose "Upgrade Item"

Upgrading the Katana makes it require more dice to use

There's no way to back out to choose something else

Skip Rewards doesn't work

Forced to end run there

It was a good run and I am sad

Cool game!  Please allow undo after something has been placed

This is a negative feedback loop.  It upsets me.

The thing that's supposed to bring you back from death once failed to trigger when I was in Clock Room 3.  It was really sad because I had a good run going.

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Nothing happens when I open Stable Diffusion GRisk GUI.exe, nothing opens.  What should I do differently?

Please check the information you provided

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yarg why wont it let me post my screenshots with explanations

How exciting!  🧡🧡

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And inverted these same numbers would apply to a "roll Xd4 and take the lowest"!

That's the mod I would make - good things effecting a roll add dice (up to a max of 4) while bad things "remove" dice (down to a max of 4).  Below 1d4 is -2d4 and so on; the minus means take the lowest.  I would also make 4 the max instead of 5 since they're so similar, and because 4 is a 4 and we're all about 4s.  so:


This allows for games with truly miserable results happening under certain situations which can be ~FUN~ :)

P.S. I love the d4 and have also done some experimenting with it

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> a new print run next year, which may see some slightly larger updates


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As someone who has never played this game let me please say

These changelogs give Dwarf Fortress's a run for its money, my goodness.

Temporal fugue clones and clones of psychic assassins no longer have absorbable psyches.

Hi!  :)