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This says "pre-order" at the Tuesday Knight website - is that just for the physical copy?

This looks great!

This is weird, thanks

What I cannot figure out is why sometimes and only sometimes do the tiles change while they're in my hand?  It seems bizarre and unpredictable

the gold seems to pile up on the villages but i never pick it up

i am dying of hunger more or less 100% of the time

Thanks!  I'm really enjoying this, I hope you are able to keep working with it maybe even into a commercial release.  It's a great mixture of elements

I turned in 500 gold.  I got the level up screen but there was only one card available to choose.  Since I didn't choose 2 cards, the screen would not go away, and I could not continue the game.

Hey this is like the opposite of that one game

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I love the concept of this game!

I got a fatal error / crash after passing a medium encounter in the woods between two nodes.

I liked the sound it made when I did bad and I thought by doing bad I was doing good, until I died, the game.

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I would like it if I had full control of my view with the right stick.  I like to look up.  Also in some areas I am not able to look where I'm going; it may be a bug.

Interesting, thanks for the insight

Why ESDF instead of WASD?

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Ah, thanks for clarification!  The different Mages slipped my eye.

I think you've got something fun here - it's exactly the sort of thing I'd like to play, with the traditional tropes as far from d20 as possible :)

Mage is repeated 3x and I think the crewbooks are missing

Hm, it doesn't seem like I can launch it any more.  Did the fix make it into the game?

Oh neat, I got the secret world!

Don't get me wrong it was surreal and interesting.  I was half wondering if all the other commenters were bots and I was descending into a madness built just for me.

When I run this game it looks nothing like anything in this video.  

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I am experiencing a shallow sea in all directions with some alien weird things sticking up just far enough away to make me wish I had some kind of weight to leave on my W key while I made a cup of tea.  There's a spiral oddity going straight up.  I splosh through this ankle-deep water on very long walks towards a small number of these weird things, all of which are about 3-5 stories tall.  It begins at night but day comes soon; I spot a rainbow.

Others are talking about a desert, or New Zealand.  I'm not seeing any of that.  I see nothing resembling the screenshots here, the screenshots on the twitter account, or anything in any videos.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is everyone's version of this game different?

Is there a way for me to experience what I see in the screenshots?

There's no pics?

Are you supposed to be able to go to other planets somehow?

Very cool

After you are told to use the Alternate button to perform a special attack, I did that, and it did nothing.

What's with the green sword guy?  It's weird to have a (to me) impossible enemy before I even get the chance to dive into the game, get some upgrades, see another kind of level.

But will it remember my progress when I close the application?

yep they just need to make a safe noob area

Direct download does work; this is on windows.

Clicking Launch causes a brief loading icon in the launcher but then the game never launches.

I move a colony ship into a system with an M-class planet.  Now... what do I do?  I want to colonize it.

I'm stopped dead in my tracks as far as trying out this game.

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I bought engineers but have no idea how to select them (where are they? what do they look like? how do i select them?) in order to clear the spawns

also, after a while, clicking create engineer was actually giving me 100 gold instead of costing me that gold

It says to pay a tax to the Pharaoh, it does not say how to do this, I cannot find how to do this, I lose.

Is there a way to speed up the game?

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I really like the concept but got stuck on the first mission because after harvest the rams in the green area my workers turned to Gear icons and refused to go do anything, resulting in starving, but also since they wouldn't get wood, i couldn't move either

also sometimes at the very first turn, even though i assigned them both to wood, only one would collect wood

i cannot figure out how or who or what to drag to where

It crashed when I did "check pirates" in smalltown

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I got a death-spiral from an unending barrage of "building is not serviced by a storehouse!"

I ended up building a new storehouse near the effected building each time this popped up, until I had waaaaaay too many storehouses, which didn't even stop that from happening.

Since it was my fisheries (and only my fisheries) complaining about this, it was the end of my city.

I have no idea why this happened.  Even before the first notice, I had, on paper, enough storehouses, and all were efficiently placed.

One minor thing is that I would like to be able to place road-needing buildings without roads.  This is how I think - I like to place buildings before the road network.  It made for a lot of switching back and forth.

Fun game!

I went very far in one direction, did not encounter anything of note, and fell off several times.  I also got stuck in a pit that was steep on all sides until I accidentally pulled off a half-pipe kinda maneuver.

I figure like I've missed something, but perhaps that is the point.

Thanks!  Wow that sound was super loud and painful.

This is a really cool thing you've made!

What... is this?  Like, what is downloaded if you buy it?  Is it a folder of images?  Troika as in Vampire: The Shuttered Studio?

Color me with your favorite stock photo / confused

I didn't know that Community Copies was a thing.  How cool.