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Ian MacLarty

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Try that on bubblegum ;)

Maybe it's because I forgot to mark which OS the builds were when I uploaded the last update yesterday. Does it work now? Not sure why the jam builds work in the app, because I specifically didn't mark them as executables so as not to confuse the app.

The dpad is also an option, but most controllers have really bad dpads.

Sure, but have you tried using the abxy buttons?

Thanks! There are now 100 levels and a speedrun mode with a timer. 



Yes I will! I'm just a bit busy this weekend, but will do it early next week.

Thanks Olivia!


Yes - you can get it here: :)

Do whatever you feel up to. If you have time a mac port would be nice. I think you can assume everyone has a mouse.

It's up: I omitted the fishing boat.

Cool. I was thinking of doing something small where you're in a fishing boat on a stormy sea.


Thanks for the feedback! I got a bit lazy after doing one shelf... Glad you still enjoyed it though.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)