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Lovely to hear! Thanks for letting me know :)

Glad you're enjoying it!

Oh cool! Where will you stream it? Feel free to hit me up on twitter (@ianmaclarty) if you have any trouble with the online mode. Sometimes the server goes down and I need to reboot it.


Thanks! I hope it delivers! 

maybe it's ganymede's ocean

Ah cool, thanks! Though please credit Gemma Mahadeo too - it was a collaboration.

seems to be working fine for me. maybe try a different browser.

Thanks for letting me know. Sometimes it stops working and I need to restart it. It should be up again now!

Thanks! Yeah, and I don't get the same feeling with the newer dooms. One thing I remember clearly was running over all the corpses of the monsters I'd slain, while backtracking looking for a key or door. Something about how the corpses just hung around and didn't disappear like in most other games stood out to me. 

It's unlikely, sorry.


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me know about multiplayer not working. It should be up again now.

Thank you!


Yeah it's been out a while - I just forgot to change the release status. It's fixed now. Thanks for letting me know!

So briefly: all the poems are pre-rendered and packed into a texture. We render the scene into an off-screen buffer, storing the texture coordinates of the poems in the buffer (each model in the scene has a different poem). Finally we render to the screen, looking up the poems in the texture using the intermediate buffer. We make sure we sample the buffer at a resolution that corresponds to the number of character rows and columns, so that we only render whole characters. Hope that makes sense!

Thanks! Gemma wrote the poems and I created the models and programmed the renderer. Not sure how much technical info you're after, but I'm happy to go into some of the rendering details if you're familiar with graphics programming.

Thank you!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Just to note that there are more campfires scattered around, so if you carry on exploring you'll likely find another one (check for smoke on the horizon).

no sorry




Thanks! Nice 2km roll attempt. There is an ... easier way though...

Ok I've removed that particular track from the game.

Ok thanks. I think that's some sort of insect (not sure exactly what). It's a live recording anyway. I'll think about adding the option you asked for, but no promises.

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Hmm, maybe. Does the sound occur in this video?

And if so at what point?
Most of the sounds are of real insects and birds. I'm guessing the offending sound is a cricket or cycada.

Yup, same codebase.

Thanks. Yes it's Amulet. There's a tool to make your own worlds using the same system here:

Try that on bubblegum ;)

Maybe it's because I forgot to mark which OS the builds were when I uploaded the last update yesterday. Does it work now? Not sure why the jam builds work in the app, because I specifically didn't mark them as executables so as not to confuse the app.

The dpad is also an option, but most controllers have really bad dpads.

Sure, but have you tried using the abxy buttons?

Thanks! There are now 100 levels and a speedrun mode with a timer.