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I LOVE this game so much! I was super excited for it to come out, and I'm not disappointed! only thing is I'm stuck on Nanako's route. I've gotten "seeking equilibrium" and "alone again" but I don't have "my big sister". and I'd also like to know one thing before I try again; judging from the placement of the "good" endings from the demo, it looks like "seeking equilibrium" is the good ending for Nanako, but I still never end up dating her.  If that is the good ending, I don't know if I'm going to try and find the other.


"My Big Sister" is the bad ending for Nanako. I would still encourage you to try for it, because it contains a CG! Yes, "Seeking Equilibrium" is her good ending.

that's a little disappointing, at least there are still 11 other characters to romance. Going for Sergio next, he's a cutie! <3