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You can press X in the main menu to see the controls. They're listed as keyboard buttons next to the action it does or basically on the left

The gamepad buttons are on the right

The controls are also included in the description

Okay but - you can press "X" to see the controls... but that's X on the gamepad. Not X on the keyboard. On the keyboard it's actually Z I think? I don't own a gamepad so X on the gamepad is meaningless to me.

You see my point now?


Now I see, You're right though.

It is indeed as you said X on the gamepad but S/Z on the keyboard

Sorry for the inconvenience 

Didn't notice that one

It's ok! This project is still extremely promising so I hope OP will continue updating it. It needs polish, but solid foundation is there.


Yes , I am working on v0.2 , it will be basically a whole new game , v0.1 was more of a prototype than a real game , I am remaking everythng , better textures , better environments , an item equipment system , etc .. I will only release v0.2 when it's full and ready .


Sounds hype!

Seems promising!