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I tried to play this and I don't know what I'm doing. I have no idea what keys I need to press in different menus, because they are displayed as gamepad buttons even though I don't have a gamepad plugged in (or own one).

The only tutorial sign I found says to "not waste ammo" and does not explain any controls or mechanics, which are unnecessarily complicated (why is pressing A and D move you left and right if it's not a WSAD game?) and the only way to find them out is to press a key after quitting to main menu - and you have to guess which key, because like I said, it shows gamepad buttons.

You have to do that every time you want to remind yourself controls, and quitting to main menu quits your game without saving - without any warning or a dialog asking you to confirm quitting, so you can easily lose progress by accident. To jump back in back to start of the game, you are forced to sit through the unskippable intro which isn't that bad once, but after sitting through that intro like five times I was fed up.

Obviously if you don't have controls explained in-game, player will try to press buttons to test them - which here can easily waste your precious ammo. Which I did by accident, and then I was stuck on a bat enemy - as it didn't just hurt me, but physically blocked me from progression, so I couldn't even damage boost past him. I can jump over him, but he will chase me forever with no respite. Then I found another tutorial message that the door needs "10 ATOMS" (whatever they are) to open, jumped on the roof, fell through the roof into the facility walls, and fell out of the map.

It doesn't help that pressing up and down also fires weapons, wasting more ammo.

I think I'm done for now. There's makings of an amazing game here, but it definitely needs more polish. The graphical style is great, I really like the whole concept of Mega Man meets Metroid (with clear references to both) the platforming controls are responsive (weapons seem a bit clunky but I'm assuming that is because they can be upgraded later) - if you keep developing this, this can genuinely become an amazing game.

I don't want you getting discouraged by this comment, I see that it's version 0.1 - so it's pretty much an Early Access release, so it makes sense. The graphics are very polished, I especially like the pixelated rain effect, platforming feels nice, and the game is technically playable, so that's a lot for a beta.

Anyway, I wish you best of luck think maybe you should make some kind of a Discord for future development of the game? So people could help you test builds and brainstorm ideas?

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You can press X in the main menu to see the controls. They're listed as keyboard buttons next to the action it does or basically on the left

The gamepad buttons are on the right

The controls are also included in the description

Okay but - you can press "X" to see the controls... but that's X on the gamepad. Not X on the keyboard. On the keyboard it's actually Z I think? I don't own a gamepad so X on the gamepad is meaningless to me.

You see my point now?


Now I see, You're right though.

It is indeed as you said X on the gamepad but S/Z on the keyboard

Sorry for the inconvenience 

Didn't notice that one

It's ok! This project is still extremely promising so I hope OP will continue updating it. It needs polish, but solid foundation is there.


Yes , I am working on v0.2 , it will be basically a whole new game , v0.1 was more of a prototype than a real game , I am remaking everythng , better textures , better environments , an item equipment system , etc .. I will only release v0.2 when it's full and ready .


Sounds hype!

Seems promising!