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Okay but - you can press "X" to see the controls... but that's X on the gamepad. Not X on the keyboard. On the keyboard it's actually Z I think? I don't own a gamepad so X on the gamepad is meaningless to me.

You see my point now?


Now I see, You're right though.

It is indeed as you said X on the gamepad but S/Z on the keyboard

Sorry for the inconvenience 

Didn't notice that one

It's ok! This project is still extremely promising so I hope OP will continue updating it. It needs polish, but solid foundation is there.


Yes , I am working on v0.2 , it will be basically a whole new game , v0.1 was more of a prototype than a real game , I am remaking everythng , better textures , better environments , an item equipment system , etc .. I will only release v0.2 when it's full and ready .


Sounds hype!

Seems promising!