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Thank you so much! You can subscribe to the $200 tier here (wait till 1st of January, otherwise you will be charged twice). This week I will start looking into the exact format and I'm pretty sure I will be able to finish it sometime next week. Officially the reward is one full day of development, but I'll make sure to finish this task in case it takes longer.

I'll pay tonight ! Thank you so much ! I really appreciate this. So basically I'll be able to export the map to a game maker studio room easily after next week?

Hey Soulessfighter, normally yes but turns out I'm very busy with renovations this week so I moved my Tiled development days to next week (I'll be spending the full week on Tiled). I hope it's not a problem to wait a few days longer? Btw, I don't think I've received your donation yet.

its no problem waiting until next week! ill pay tonight as soon as i get home, sorry for the late reply i got sick with the flu. i appreciate you doing this and it means a lot. just confirming after you're done working on everything i will be able to put the tiled maps into gms easy? or whats the plan for this

I'm sorry to hear you got sick. I expect it will work similar to the current GM:S 1.4 export, just that it will produce a file in GMS 2 format.

hey, I'd love to have support for GMs 2 in tiled. If you want we can split this in half. 100 and 100 so we can get the plugging out soon. What do say?

im down to do this. when would you want to pay?

While you guys are free to choose or Patreon to support me and make this feature a priority, I guess this would also be a good time to use Bountysource. I've set a $200 bounty goal at

Just note that I have no time to work on Tiled at all this month since we're about to move to a new place and there's a lot of work remaining to be done even apart from moving all our stuff. I expect to be back on Tiled as usual by the 5th of March.

If I donate my half first, will he only need to donate his, and wait for someone to do this for us, or how does this work?


Yes, I've set a goal of $200 now and if it is reached one way or another, I will start work on this feature. With the move behind us I am again working 2 days/week on Tiled so now it's just a matter of priority.

Hello, I am just wondering if it has been already done or is it still an 'open' task with low priority (donate?)

Deleted 1 year ago

as soon as possible. I already have my part of the money. Sorry I didn't reply any faster brother. We can split it in half.  100 a head. I just want this in my life. Shoot me a direct message on either Twitter or my Gmail since I'm more likely to see replies in both faster. 

@punisherx6 Twitter Gmail(obviously xD)