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Everything downloaded fine, but I'm getting Trojan threats...
Not saying LeBreton is trying to give me viruses, but...can anyone verify this is legit?

Same issue here, got a report that playscii.exe contains Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B

Feel like it's probably not malware but it's kinda scary for a lot of people.

Yeah, I'm seeing that Trojan too. No response from dev. Bit of a shame, wanted to give this tool a try, looks good.

I've released a new build, Playscii 0.9.12, which doesn't seem to trigger the false positive on my (Windows 10 64-bit) machine. I've added a note to the front page in case this occurs in future builds. Changing a few bytes seems to be all that's needed. I wish I knew how to avoid this!