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What a cracking game. This made my Saturday. The only fault is no full screen but well done.

Great fun.



You've been beating me to a lot of games lately Wobbly!


Sorry coalfire bit in all honesty, your gameplays are far better than mine as you provide good constructive comments wheras I just to like to play and I have nothing much else to do to be honest. Keep up the great work coalfire.


Merry christmas everyone.

You're too kind my dude :)

Thanks coalfire, but you are good. Resepect

Awesome.  Thanks for the video man.  See you ran into a bug on the final boss door, sorry 'bout that.  Fixing :)    

That would be cool if you could fix that but please, don't fix the other bug :) Would be classed as a bug,  maybe / maybe not.

Can you add full screen as well please :)

Regards and Merry Xmas

wobbly / wobblyfootgamer