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Did you try holding 'shift'?  That's easy mode :)

Hey man!  Thanks for asking, but probably not.  Gotta spend my time on projects that can pay the bills for a while.  ;) I'll do an announcement if anything changes.  Best!

Ha!  Good work man.  A picture of my dog ;)

Just me.  The 'all weapons' cheat is HELP  :)  There's also a hidden room no one has found

Hey man!  Some super helpful stuff here.   The skip is hilarious, good eye :)  You have a future in pro playtesting.  Many thanks ! 

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Hey thanks Xavier!  

Hey thanks Rackzo

Fantastic work.

I like you  :)

Hey Itch,  I'm Phil and I released SYSCRUSHER shareware this week.  It's a sci-fi first person shooter that's reminded some folks of Perfect Dark.   

Big project that features a unique synth soundtrack, a ton of enemies and animations, and a huge level.  I'm a one man team that does not buy assets and music but creates them from scratch.  Most importantly it is fun.  That's my swing at dreaded self-promotion.  Looking forward to your feedback.

Fixed in 1.0.4   

Shit.  Guess I broke that fixing another bug :)  Will release a fix today.  (You can always backtrack to the previous checkpoint to re-trigger the heli, it's on the last stairway.)  Thank you man!

Awesome video man.  You found some nasty bugs I'd never seen, too.  Thanks for the play test!  :)

THANK YOU.  Patch coming tonight.  I'll get these in  :)

Hey man, yeah, low rez for the first few releases.  Full screen will be added.  

You found some good bugs  :)   Thanks for the video man!

Awesome.  Thanks for the video man.  See you ran into a bug on the final boss door, sorry 'bout that.  Fixing :)