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I normally tend to get bored with these kinds of games. But your writing style kept me engaged the whole way through. Great job! I loved the sarcastic prick approach you took. 

It's amazing how you made me connect to the main character and actually care about her in this small story.

Generally speaking, this was a great experience.

There was only one thing I didn't like. And that was the character portraits. They never fitted the actual character sprite. If you revisit this game, please replace or completely remove the portraits. They just hinder the experience.


I'm overjoyed to see you enjoyed the game!! I plan to use this approach to writing more often since it was recieved so well!!

As for the face graphics:yes I apologize. Those are default rpgmaker faces we were using as placeholders. The faces were unfortunately not finished, forcing us to leave them in. We plan to have another update after the contest that remedies this and a couple other concerns, maybe even adding a spirit or two as well!! 

Thank you again for rating and commenting!