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I've just found on Reddit post about your game and there was an information that you are looking for some feedback from Linux users. I'd like to help because I find your production very interesing. Unfortunetly there is only Mac and Windows version on Steam. How could I buy the Linux version? Even in this unstable and buggy stage? I am a single-man, small developer too, so I know how hard is to find someone to test my products out. So you know - we should support each other's ;)

EDIT Oh, I am so silly. Sorry for the rumour about Tux, I've found the demo on your site :,)

No problem! I've been super grateful for the feedback, and should shortly get a Linux build going on Steam now that folks seem to corroborate that it works :)


When will the Steam version come out?

Should be up in the next day or so!

Will the free Linux "demo" build still be updated for those who have it?