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Reporting the same issue: my game House of Maids has got another update around 10 hours ago, all files are in place, all proper tags as well, but no matter what tag I use to search for the game later - the game doesn't show up! I've checked "Most recent", "New & Popular", narrowed to 7 days and 1 day - the game doesn't show up. It's the first time that I'm encountering such an issue on Looking forward for an explanation and solution!  

Your game is adult, are you searching while logged out, or with SFW mode on?

I'm logged in and I can clearly see other NSFW games, so it's not a SFW mode. 

Well, I searched for maids and your game is the #8 result or so. Must have been a temporary problem.

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No, it's something else, "maids" is not even among game's tags. Try searching my game using its genre "Visual Novel" and its tags, like "nsfw", "adult" and others. The search doesn't show it that way, and that is a problem: according to analytics, most of my viewers found the game by searching for "visual novel" and "nsfw".  

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Indeed. The search function is mostly intended for title and tagline searches. If you want to search by tags, it's best to use the actual tag system. Free text search kinda-sorta works on tags too, sometimes, but as you've seen is unreliable.

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Ok, so how can I use/improve tags to make my game update be visible? What's  "the actual tag system"? I'm using  game tags and I'm searching through "Select a tag",  not "Search for games and creators", which is not the best choice for tag search.  

I've just tested it again using "nsfw" tag in the "Search a tag", narrowed the search to 7 days and 1 day - my game is not showing up (it has "nsfw" tag). Two other games, which were posted 1 day ago and 1 hour ago are on the list.  So what can be done about this?

That's what I meant: the way you can select tags when browsing for games or directly. Speaking of which: when browsing the adult tag, your game is on the first page of results, if all the way to the bottom. When browsing for NSFW, it's on the second. I couldn't say why it's not working for you.

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I remember my game being on top after the previous update a couple of months ago and it moved down as other games and updates got released by other creators. Has something changed and newly updated games don't appear on top of "Most recent" and "New&Popular" and stay at the bottom? 

Maybe an updated game is given less of a boost than a brand new one, I don't know. But it's also that a lot of new games come to all the time. Older games also bob up and down in search results, so that everyone gets a chance. Yours may make it to the top again later, too.