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Hey Jon I think we might be able to help each other. I am seeing some resources I might want like that Lava tile set and I am really wondering how you changed the chat window from the default. I also can spare some secrets of my own if interested. Please shoot me an email:

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Sure thing Syukino!

A lot of this stuff is trail and error because there just aren't a ton of resources out there for SRPG Studio in English right now. I wouldn't mind telling you all the little tips and tricks I learned from making this project. I'm sure there are plenty of things you could help me with in return because I know my project isn't perfect. I'll shoot you an email a little later today after I get back from some errands I have to run :)


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My project is far from perfect itself, but it's all about working on things

little by little with until they improve. Also I look back on the contest build of my game

and kinda feel grossed out by it because it's no where near as good as the Steam version lol.

So it would serve as a terrible demo in regards to the final product, so definitely removing it after.

I'm also writing to let you know I'll try to play your game this weekend.

I can relate with that, often we find things we make to be sub par, even if they aren't. Anyway, thanks for writing me back and I hope you enjoy my game! I don't think it is the best either, but as long as you have some fun with it, then that's what counts!


I finally got around to playing your game for a tiny bit.

Here is my take:


1. The tutorial was good. Informative and engaging. Very nice.

2. The game was using the 640, 480 graphics and used them well.

3. The music was nice, but the bandit battle song reminded me of


which is a good thing. Not sure if on purpose or not or inspired.


1. Even on easy the bandits at the start are a bit unfair.

2. The gallery had one of the pictures as the background of the gallery.

I found that a bit weird.

3. In the story, the main character looks up to a "To be announced" name of a hero. I think

you should have made up a name and changed it later. It would have sounded better.

Verdict: Overall the game was cute and enjoyable and I believe it has a bunch of potential.

Hey thanks for the feedback! I know you are busy so I really appreciate it.

I'm glad you found several things to enjoy. I laughed a bit in regards to that linked video, totally not on purpose at all! Glad you got a little extra out of it though :) As for the negatives, I'll take that under advisement. Nobody had told me the bandits felt to hard yet, but the game seems to have some balance troubles here-and-there which could easily be fixed now that a lot more people have given this a shot. I just put all the pictures in the gallery, so people could really give them a look, I'm just weird like that XD Lastly, the final guy's name was something I was really agonizing over and the date was just coming up too fast, believe me that would not remain in a truly final version. All names have great importance so I wanted the right one.

Given how excellent your game is I take it as high praise that you found the game to be fairly enjoyable and that you see a great deal of potential in it. Thanks again for your time and feedback!