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Hey thanks for the feedback! I know you are busy so I really appreciate it.

I'm glad you found several things to enjoy. I laughed a bit in regards to that linked video, totally not on purpose at all! Glad you got a little extra out of it though :) As for the negatives, I'll take that under advisement. Nobody had told me the bandits felt to hard yet, but the game seems to have some balance troubles here-and-there which could easily be fixed now that a lot more people have given this a shot. I just put all the pictures in the gallery, so people could really give them a look, I'm just weird like that XD Lastly, the final guy's name was something I was really agonizing over and the date was just coming up too fast, believe me that would not remain in a truly final version. All names have great importance so I wanted the right one.

Given how excellent your game is I take it as high praise that you found the game to be fairly enjoyable and that you see a great deal of potential in it. Thanks again for your time and feedback!