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This was an interesting play. 

From what was available I liked it! The pixel art was nice (I enjoy seeing different pixel art styles a lot, so bonus points for pure pixel art). The story seems to have an interesting hook, with grandma and the crystals, I hope you can expand upon this more in the future as I'd like to see ultimately where you go with it. I liked the nice scrolling opening, really set the tone well.

I was heartbroken that the battles weren't your art </3 :'( but I can understand due to the limitations of the deadline).

As a proof of art/writing I think it does well, but there isn't really anything to do :3 so I can't really rate it as a game, all I can say is it looks to have potential! :D which is really the point of the competition so :D

As for improvements, you defo need a pixel font and pixel icons too to make the whole thing cohesive! I am curious what the gameplay will be like, obviously there will be fighting based on this intro but I'm interested in the 'shop' that was mentioned in the intro. Would cool to have some Sim like elements in this, could work well with the theme.

Anyway, good job, got potential but not enough there for me to rate yet! Sorry :'(

I understand, unfortunately I cannot update the game during the voting period due to how itch handles it.

Great to hear your opinion! Many people have said there was lack of gameplay. I had planned a longer demo however I didn't manage to get that far in the end. I will definitely be expanding on the game, hopefully adding more depth to the story and unique gameplay elements as well as updating the current art and implementing the pixel style to everything!

Your positive feedback gives me inspiration to keep working at it, so thank you!


I'd definitely like to revisit this once youve expanded it out some more, glad you're going to be continuing working on it :)