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Pretty solid experience, clear you put a lot of effort into it. The aesthetic works well and there isn't anything jarring, its overall very cohesive. One improvement for me would be to work on the characters run animation, right now it feels quite flat and I think you could bring a lot more personality to the character by working on it.

Thank you, appreciate it. Unfortunately there was a lot to build in a very short space of time so content definitely suffered because of that.

This was a fun game to play. I like how each level had it's own theme and mechanic to overcome, it kept things fresh and interesting. One thing I found tricky was that the foreground and background tiles on the green/blue level (one with spikes) are very similar to each other so I found it difficult sometimes to tell the difference. Apart from that, it was a solid experience. My favorite was the block color switching level, very well designed.

Thank you for playing the game, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

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Dude that was a sick video! You got me hyped just by watching it! Honestly, thanks for playing it and I'm glad you liked it so much. Like the end of the demo says, theres a whole lot more on it's way. There are also a few chests around with some extra cards in them. You can go into the deck builder from the menu if you play anymore.

The opening is awesome, great stuff. I've only played a few levels so far but it's pretty well designed. I did find that the first checkpoint in level six (the tire level) didn't activate for me for some reason

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Okay thanks I'll try again later


I think I'm missing something I can't seem to go anywhere apart from the yellow slime guy and the dagger. Is there more for me to find?


I've played a fair amount of this now, dying and retrying to feel that I've got a fairly good grip of it.


The pixel style is interesting and definitely unique. Most things looks nice however, there a few issues with larger pixel sizes for some objects which throw it off for me a little personally. Not as much as I thought however due to the dream like aesthetic. This is something that can be addressed later but appreciate it requires much more time.

Some of the objects look for a lack of a better word muddy and some look too barren i.e. the detail is a bit inconsistent.

I think in the vaporwave level there could be a little more contrast between the chequered background that's a wall and just the background. It changes color but can fade into one of the same-ish so can get a little confusing.

Overall though, it fits the aesthetic albeit with a few issues.

Music and SFX

These are all on point. I can't fault them at all. They compliment the graphics, the gameplay and the lore. Nothing to critique here.


Took me a little while to get used to this but once I got the hang of it and played around a few times on the levels I got to feel the differences between the weapons and their advantages and disadvantages against enemies. Controls are tight for this type of game, no hiccups there. The twin stick mechanic was tricky to get used to for me personally because when I play I always drift up on the right stick. Maybe in time when we get deadzone control this won't be an issue. 

Enemy variety is good, the designs I think mostly suit the level they are in pretty well and their attack patterns are straightforward to figure out but when combined together offer a significant challenge.

Level design is good but there are a few readability issues that i experienced personally whereby the same object was used in the background as the foreground but there wasn't a significant enough change in color/saturation for me to tell the difference. Mainly the pillars in the vaporwave level. Aside from that, I think the levels are planned well, I can see that it's not easy with the continuous camera view to get that feeling right so good job.

Powerups are interesting. I like that you can get them and I like the differences between the levels. The only thing I dislike about it is that you lose all of them when you get hit. At one point I was playing excellently and had both the laser and boomerang at max with the drop bomb at level 2. I got hit and lost everything. This was a little frustrating. Maybe you could only lose 1 powerup? perhaps the least levelled or something like that.

Lucid mode is sick and actually took me a while to activate for the first time. Love it.

Checkpoints. I feel like a checkpoint is needed after the sub-boss but at the same time, it would detract from the difficulty of the level. This is a tricky one, on one hand the difficulty is right and playing the level again allows you to get better, on the other hand I have to replay the whole level again if I die at the end, the boss on vaporwave was challenging. Take this with a pinch of salt for sure.

Difficulty as mentioned above is good, challenging but fair and you do  get better the more you play which is nice.

Polish/Other thoughts

The level of polish for the game feel and aesthetic is really good. The little details added for the start screen, the continue screen counting down faster if you press a button to burai flying off camera after a level (not to mention countless others). All of this really shows a lot of love and care for crafting a great experience. 

If there was one area that needs the most attention I would say the graphics, I think you could do some work here to unify them further and create a more consistent, chaotic dream world.

Overall, this was a fun game to play and unique in what it presented and how it presented it. Great job.

Hmm, interesting. So the elevator with the two crystals on it was already up and not down? What should happen is you shoot the two crystals to release the elevator and then you can go up to the next level.

It's been fine in the playtests I've been doing in the new version but I'll take a look to ensure it won't glitch.

Hi there,

Thanks very much for giving my game demo a try and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. I'm working hard to make it better and finish it.

As for the elevator glitch, it happens when you die after taking the elevator upwards and it doesn't reset when you respawn at a save point. If this happens you should still be able to get the chest that is accessible once the elevator has been raised. Then you'll be able to access the door on the far right of the dungeon and finish the demo.  Tbh, you haven't got much left to do in this demo, maybe another couple of minutes.

If this isn't the case and there is another issue besides this one please let me know some more details (maybe some screenshots if you can).

Hi :)

Thanks for checking out my game and glad you enjoyed it! I don't make tutorials BUT my friend does you can find is youtube channel here baz he goes over the basics really well.

As for your feedback, I'm working on new scenes that'll make all the abilities you have clearer and how and when to use them. I'm adjusting it so you start with 4HP and I'm working on making the flower boss better too.

Again, thanks for playing. Also, it takes a little time but you can definitely do good stuff with pgmmv, way better than you can with rpgmv in terms of action games.

Hey man, thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed what's there so far, albeit if it was a little bit frustrating. I''m glad you found the controls fluid, however, everything can be improved and I've already made everything just that bit nicer with animations and input, especially concerning the attacking and upward slash. As for your questions:

1) It wasn't consciously intentional but I did love Jak and Daxter so it could very well have influenced his design subconsiously.

2) I will look into making the boss more structured. It was put together pretty quickly in the last couple of days in the contest so it can definitely be improved.

3) I've already lowered the zombie like creatures HP in my development version :)

Thanks again for playing and your feedback.

Ah okay, I get what you are saying now, thank you. I'll see what I can do to make this better.

Hey man, thank you for the feedback. I'll try to address these issues as best I can in the version I'm developing now :D

Hi, thanks for your clarification, although, I'm still a little unsure on this bit

'combat I experienced in your game had a lock mechanic (locking mob into a certain frame unable to do anything), it was always a better course of action to just run out of there.'

I'm not sure I understand this bit in particular as the Dash overrides your sword swings, so you can dash mid attack. It's actually a core feature of the combat as your 3 hit combo holds it's position if you dash and then continue with you sword. Would you be able to clarify a little bit more for me on this point? If not don't worry I don't want to take up your time having to answer my questions.

It's a fair point about the backdash tho, I'll revisit this and see if I can streamline the input somewhat.

Thank you for your feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed your time playing.  I've already made changes to the aerial combat and combat in general (animations, timings, general feel etc) to make it feel less stiff and more satisfying. If I may, what did you feel was off about the dash/backdash?

As for the story, yes, I wanted to showcase the gameplay and overall structure of the game in this version more than the story if I'm honest. And yes, at the minute it's not explained in as great detail as it could be but I also want the game to be quite mysterious in that you'd learn a lot more from the world/NPC's through play and exploration than you would directly being told. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, the limited time definitely is a factor here as I wasn't able to fill in the blanks with the lore and world building at all really, with only a few interactions that helped with us.

Yeah I've fixed it today in the version I'm working on now, thanks again for playing and the feedback :)

Thank you man!

Thank you  for your feedback! I didn't know about that bug with the elevators, I'll fix it for the next version. for sure And yes you're right, it's still very early stages and there isn't a lot of content and made for a game jam. I'm actively working on it tho, thanks again for giving it a try!

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I noticed that you didn't try the upwards slash on enemies :( you can hit them in the air and then perform a combo, I'll need to make this more clear in coming versions :D

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this brief demo. Your video was great, really helpful thank you. It's obvious that there are some things to work on from watching it

Thank you! I'll be getting around to playing your entry soon as well, it looks great

So thought I'd post some feedback hopefully it's helpful in someway.

First off the art is good, colorful and chilled. Reminds me a lot of pokemon (which I think it's great). The sound is good, the writing is okay so far, I do like how you've done the bust portraits and the speech bubbles, nice touch. The overall premise of the game is pretty intriguing, dragons are always a cool subject for me, I would like to see more of them.

As for the gameplay, I had to play this twice as the first time I actually just followed the quests so the entire playthrough I was just reading text. The second time I went back through and deviated from this and found some more stuff which was cool.

For the actual gameplay, I think because of the one month you had to make it a lot of this is missing? I planted some crops, they grew super fast (not sure if this was to demonstrate the feature or not) and then I got some money from them. I wasn't sure what to do after this, I couldn't find anywhere to use the money and once I left where the main characters house was I wasn't able to return there for some reason.

Feeding the dragon, talking and playing seemed cool but at the minute I couldn't see anything changing? Correct me If I'm wrong not sure if this is fully implemented yet.

I was super excited when the girl said about going on an adventure and fighting stuff, but then it faded to black and was over. Again, I assume you couldn't implement this in time but I would have liked to see how this worked.

I couldn't figure out how to fish? Probably just me.

Overall, I think you did great within a one month time frame, impressive stuff. I do feel that alot of the core components weren't there enough for me to fully get an idea of what the game is going to be like though, personally. The concept intrigues me and I'd definitely like to see more when you have more.

BUGS (not game breaking)

Couldn't get back to the players house after leaving that scene, not sure why. This was before you the final cutscene in the villages.

Sometimes, when I'd harvest a crop it would harvest multiple and/or bring up the menu to plant more at the same time. Little weird.

When you re-enter the players house after a cutscene played in sometimes the dialogue boxes would pop back up again. I could still move around and stuff but it was cool nonetheless.

The quest hud seem to update a little slowly when moving between scenes. So it would update in the main guys house, and then when you went outside, it would update from what is was to the new thing, a tiny thing but noticeable, not sure how you can fix that tho.

You've got some clipping on the bottoms of trees with the player character.

Hopefully you find this feedback useful :D

I think leaving them at 2HP would be okay if you like stun them for a little bit when you hit them or something like it. Great job tho, really good entry

I haven't been able to get too far (it's very challenging) but what I've played I've liked it, but heres what I thought

The aesthetics are great! The limited color palette is used extremely well, everything looks great. The animations are nice and smooth, great job.

Music is good, definitely has that retro vibe to it. I personally think the dash affect is a little too piercing though, but that's my opinion.

Gameplay, for the most part, was fun but very difficult. 

There is an issue I had where every so often I would press the jump button and he would not jump, resulting in me dying. Not sure if it was because a previous animation was still playing or if I pressed it to early, but it didn't *feel* right not to jump, if that makes sense. 

The black birds I take issue with. They take more than one hit to kill but because you have to be so precise with the attack and the animation is quite slow, I seem to shoot them and before I can recover they have got me. They don't slow down when you hit them, so it feels a bit unfair on some of the trickier platforming sections.

I think the collision detection for the player could be increase a little bit I found that I would fall off ledges after a jump quite a lot because you have to be so precise. I get that it needs to be precise but there doesn't seem to be much tolerance here. 

Coyote time works well. Ledge grabbing works well, however, a little bug if you move super close to the edge whilst on top of the ledge and fall off, you'll ledge grab facing the wrong direction, nothing that affects gameplay just a little thing

Again, these are all my opinion. I think you succeeded in doing what you set out to do, the game is challenging, the gameplay for the most part feels good, sounds great all wrapped up in a nice looking package. The fact that you did it in one month is quite the feat, very impressive work.

Thank you! Definitely, discussions always welcome

Thanks baz, high praise indeed. Hope you enjoy the rest

Hi, thanks for playing glad you enjoyed it mostly :)

As for your gripes, completely got to test with PS4 controller, I'll take a look at it and fix it up for the ongoing dev. For the player movement I think you're right, I'll see what I can do about that, thanks for the suggestion and feedback!

Thanks, it's not where I wanted it to be but hey, it's up at least

NOTE: The demo ends when the game fades out to white. I ran out of time so didn't configure past this point.

Are graphics that are original (made by me) but were made before the Jam started allowed to be used in a submission?

Hi Vodun, apologies for the late reply :(

We're glad you liked the game and we completely agree that the battle system in this version of the game is mashy. We've got some awesome ideas to change the dynamics so things are a lot more strategic instead of button mashy.

And yeah, agree on your other point too, we just didn't have time to get anything more into the game within the timeframe so we tried to get what we needed in for it to playable and a somewhat decent experience :D

Hi silversatyr!

Thanks for the lets play of our game, we're sorry you encountered a game crashing bug :( we'll add this to our bug fix list and work on it straight away to fix it ready for the version uploaded after the competition. (for reference if you play again, there is a save point before each boss so if you die you won't lose a ton of progress).

We're glad you like the premise and aesthetic, we were hoping to add more to it to stand out more from it's inspirations but we didn't have time.

Also, it could be explained better in the battle tutorial (the whole tutorial we want to move to an in battle segment anyway, but that's for another time) but you can choose cards as soon as the blue bar is filled at the top and you can select multiple cards at a time to use multiple skills between bar charges. This'll make battles a bit more interesting instead of just the basic attack.

Again, thanks for playing :D

Hi Thund! We're glad you enjoyed the game, thanks for the 5 out of 5!

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Hi miracleJester!

Thanks for our playing our game, we're happy you enjoyed it and appreciate your feedback!

We definitely agree with the points you raise!

To quote a few:-

We're working on a way to change the battle layout so that the grid takes up most of the screen instead the small part of it in this prototype (we've received this critique from another player as well)

We are definitely working on the battle system to make it more unique from its inspiration. We've got some cool systems we're looking to work in to make it fresh :D

The card icons were, to put it bluntly, an easy way for me to make lots of icons fast :x we definitely want to make them bigger and more distinctive and we also want individual pictures of each card too, similar to MMBN.

I agree with the desert stage being too long too. I definitely think making it smaller would have been better. As for the maps themselves, there are lots of things we want to add to them to make them more interesting, as you can appreciate time was a big factor in this.

Sorry for the long reply but hope that lets you know that we're definitely on the same page with what you've said (and others). Again, thanks so much for playing and glad you enjoyed it! :D

Thanks Vinedrius! We appreciate you taking the time to play, we've got lots more in store :D

Thanks again Cyberwolf, really appreciate the video and feedback :)

Hi Lscander,

If you go into the Options Menu and find the Keyboard Config option, you can make a different key act like the PageDown key. Hopefully this should solve your issue :D

I'd definitely like to revisit this once youve expanded it out some more, glad you're going to be continuing working on it :)