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Yes for sure, I realised as well that there is not a release function in the box menu, at least, not one I can see??? So if that's the case and I implement one, I'll just need make sure that the party + box monsters is greater than 2 before you release a monster 😌. But anyway, big thanks for your help and the engine, has been a little tricky to get my head around some things but its progressing nicely

I actually went about this a different way in the end. I modified the obj_terminalmenu step event so that you can't cancel out of the menu if the party has less than two members and put a warning if so. I remove the 1 party member warning from the grab so that you can freely move monsters however the player wants. I can't think of a reason why this wouldn't work, can you?

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I've also found a bug whereby the game will crash if you try to catch a monster that has already been captured in the same turn, because there is no longer a target. So two player party members, on both party members turn you use a monster ball item, if on the first party members turn the monster is caught, the second party members turn tries to use the monster ball but they can't be captured again, causing a crash. I fixed this by checking in the battle_control before using an item, if the item is a catching item type if the target is still 'alive', and if not, tell the player that it failed etc. If you can replicate might be worth fixing for everyone etc

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Thank you. If I'm understanding correctly, this will also mean that the player can no longer 'swap' a monster in the party for one in the box if they have only 2 in the party meaning they will first have to get the monster they want from the box and add it as the 3rd party member, then put the one from the party into the box they don't want, correct?

Hello, another question, how would I go about making it so that the 'box' management makes it so you have to keep two monsters in your party instead of just one? I'm focusing exclusively on double battles and don't want the player to have only one monster in their party at any point

Ah I see thanks, I'll give that a try

Hello again,

I'm trying to make it so that when the cursor is over a move in battle, where the box that shows the type of the move and it's MP, I can add in a sprite to indicate the type. I'm looking in the attached image but I'm not sure what element to use to get it to draw the correct icon (I already have the move data setup with the type icons, I just need to know how to draw it)

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Thank you :D

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We have a controller object that has a create event that loops through our packed rooms and assembles a level from them. Every so often we experience a drop in FPS at the start of the room. We were wondering if any of the following apply:-

1) If the controllers create event has finished 'loading the rooms', can we assume that all rooms have now been fully loaded? i.e. tiles have appeared, objects have been created etc

2) If not, is there a way to tell when rooms have finished loading? Perhaps we can create a 'generating' loading screen that appears whilst everything is being loaded that is more dynamic than wait X amount of seconds.


Thank you!

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Hello - does the asset need to be updated following then 2022.8 gamemaker update which changes the tile encoding or will it work correctly?


Hello, once again. Quick question:

Is there way to make it so that an NPC can only be interacted with from a specific direction?

Hello - me yet again with another question coupe of questions. 

1) What would be your advice for setting up multi hit attacks e.g fury swipes, double slap

2) What would be the best way to make a move that gets more powerful if used in succession e.g rollout, fury cutter

Great thanks for this, I'll give it whirl and see how I get on!

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Hi me yet again,

When viewing a monsters status from the menu, is there any way to make it so that if you press say the up / down or left / right keys, it'll change to the next monster instead of having to back out each time and select a new monster?


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Great, that's simple enough. Last question for now lol, where is the IV information held for each Mon? Is it held against each Mon or is it computed somehow? And does the way EVs and IVs work in this framework an exact copy or or there some differences?

Ah I see. Thank you, that makes sense. I'll check out those scripts and see what I can do there, thanks again. Another (hopefully easy one)

1) Is there a move / effect already set up to recover some HP relative to the attack i.e absorb or giga drain for example.

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Hi there again. Three new questions

1) What does the total stat do inside the monster setup stat array?

2) Can a move have multiple special effects? Example Dragon Dance, raise Atk and Speed?

3) Where is the stat increases upon level up dictated?

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Works well, great asset. Thanks for creating it!

Awesome thanks I'll try it out, appreciate the quick and professional support especially considering the sheer volume of my questions, sorry about that 😅

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Excellent thank you for the in depth reply, I'll have a look into what you've suggested. For my next question, is there an easy way to add the 'box' functionality into the main menu instead of accessing it from a specific place etc?

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New question. Once I've selected a move and it brings up the menu for selecting a 'target to attack' from the menu, where can I grab the monster id of the proposed target (the one highlighted in the menu) as in, the monster the player is thinking of attacking before it's confirmed? 

I'm implementing a battle cursor so that it highlights the enemy visually but I can only find the initial creation of the menu listing all the targets, not what the current proposed target is going to be based on this menu. If I'm going about it the wrong way feel free to correct me.

Okay, I understand and it makes complete sense. Thanks.

Awesome, thanks for the in detail response there, the support you're giving is top notch. 

As an aside, do you have any plan to implement any new features to the framework at any point, or is what is offered now the final product from you? More curious than anything, what you've already provided is an amazing product for games like this to get off to a great start so I'm very happy with the purchase :)

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Me again lol. Another few questions which may or may not already been included, if they have if you could point me to those move examples that would be great.

1) Is there a way for a move to increase the damage of certain move types e.g like weather effects - Rain - increase water and electric moves?

2) Is there the ability for multi-turn moves where you charge on one turn and attack on the next i.e Solar Beam

3) Is there the ability for moves such as Protect where all damage is negated?

4) Is there the ability to force a move to go first e.g Quick attack

5) Is there the ability to force a critical hit?

6) Is there a way to force an attack to never miss i.e Swift

Okay that's great thanks for your responses! I'll continue working on my prototype and I'm sure I will be back soon with more questions 😅

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Awesome thank you. Another couple of questions:

1)  where is the flashing white cursor code located? I can't for the life of me find that. 

2) Is there a 'delete file' feature already created or any other save file management implemented aside from saving and loading? (like overwrite or multiple saves from the same file etc)

Also, if there is a better means for me to ask questions/seek support then let me know :)

A new mon, like at the start of the game instead of the selector or a gift from an NPC for example, something like GetNewMon(monster) and it'd just go off and add it to the party if it can or a box if not, but I'll look into what you've said and go from there.  And I'll look into the global vars, appreciate the response. Great framework tho, I've had to do some bits for it to work at a smaller res but that was simple enough once I'd read through the code a bit.

Another question, I'd like to give items in the inventory little icons. I was thinking that I could just add this info into the init_item and then add some code to draw the icon sprite within the inventory menu, any reason this wouldn't work?

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Is there a script / function that I can easily call which adds a mon to the party? I'd also like to set it up so 2v2 is the standard, how do I go about that?

Ah I see. Thanks very much for getting back to me so soon, going to give this a whirl over the weekend 👍

Hi, this looks really good and I've played the demo for a bit and I just had a few questions for if certain functionality is included and if it isn't is there plans for it or would the engine be extensible enough to include it with some work my side.

- item to teach a move to a monster

- more than 4 moves per monster

- Abilities, special effects that each monster possesses (passive skills basically)

Thank you

Brilliant thank you, I'll check it out soon as I can :D

well that is much closer than I expected, thanks for taking the time to reply

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Awesome, do you have an ETA on v1.2 at all?

Hi - I can't seem to find an example of how to create the shockwaves effect? Is it included somewhere?


Congrats TacoBee :D

Pretty solid experience, clear you put a lot of effort into it. The aesthetic works well and there isn't anything jarring, its overall very cohesive. One improvement for me would be to work on the characters run animation, right now it feels quite flat and I think you could bring a lot more personality to the character by working on it.

Thank you, appreciate it. Unfortunately there was a lot to build in a very short space of time so content definitely suffered because of that.

This was a fun game to play. I like how each level had it's own theme and mechanic to overcome, it kept things fresh and interesting. One thing I found tricky was that the foreground and background tiles on the green/blue level (one with spikes) are very similar to each other so I found it difficult sometimes to tell the difference. Apart from that, it was a solid experience. My favorite was the block color switching level, very well designed.

Thank you for playing the game, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D