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Hi Vodun, apologies for the late reply :(

We're glad you liked the game and we completely agree that the battle system in this version of the game is mashy. We've got some awesome ideas to change the dynamics so things are a lot more strategic instead of button mashy.

And yeah, agree on your other point too, we just didn't have time to get anything more into the game within the timeframe so we tried to get what we needed in for it to playable and a somewhat decent experience :D

Hi silversatyr!

Thanks for the lets play of our game, we're sorry you encountered a game crashing bug :( we'll add this to our bug fix list and work on it straight away to fix it ready for the version uploaded after the competition. (for reference if you play again, there is a save point before each boss so if you die you won't lose a ton of progress).

We're glad you like the premise and aesthetic, we were hoping to add more to it to stand out more from it's inspirations but we didn't have time.

Also, it could be explained better in the battle tutorial (the whole tutorial we want to move to an in battle segment anyway, but that's for another time) but you can choose cards as soon as the blue bar is filled at the top and you can select multiple cards at a time to use multiple skills between bar charges. This'll make battles a bit more interesting instead of just the basic attack.

Again, thanks for playing :D

Hi Thund! We're glad you enjoyed the game, thanks for the 5 out of 5!

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Hi miracleJester!

Thanks for our playing our game, we're happy you enjoyed it and appreciate your feedback!

We definitely agree with the points you raise!

To quote a few:-

We're working on a way to change the battle layout so that the grid takes up most of the screen instead the small part of it in this prototype (we've received this critique from another player as well)

We are definitely working on the battle system to make it more unique from its inspiration. We've got some cool systems we're looking to work in to make it fresh :D

The card icons were, to put it bluntly, an easy way for me to make lots of icons fast :x we definitely want to make them bigger and more distinctive and we also want individual pictures of each card too, similar to MMBN.

I agree with the desert stage being too long too. I definitely think making it smaller would have been better. As for the maps themselves, there are lots of things we want to add to them to make them more interesting, as you can appreciate time was a big factor in this.

Sorry for the long reply but hope that lets you know that we're definitely on the same page with what you've said (and others). Again, thanks so much for playing and glad you enjoyed it! :D

Thanks Vinedrius! We appreciate you taking the time to play, we've got lots more in store :D

Thanks again Cyberwolf, really appreciate the video and feedback :)

Hi Lscander,

If you go into the Options Menu and find the Keyboard Config option, you can make a different key act like the PageDown key. Hopefully this should solve your issue :D

I'd definitely like to revisit this once youve expanded it out some more, glad you're going to be continuing working on it :)

Hope you enjoy it :3 there are some bugs tho so hopefully they don't harm the experience too much

Ah so it was your voice <3 It was a nice touch that I didn't expect and gives it a more personal feel.

I'll have to have a look a incarnate too, never heard of it :3

Glad you found the review somewhat helpful though. And you're writing a book too! So this game and the book have a connection then presumably? o_o


This was an interesting play. 

From what was available I liked it! The pixel art was nice (I enjoy seeing different pixel art styles a lot, so bonus points for pure pixel art). The story seems to have an interesting hook, with grandma and the crystals, I hope you can expand upon this more in the future as I'd like to see ultimately where you go with it. I liked the nice scrolling opening, really set the tone well.

I was heartbroken that the battles weren't your art </3 :'( but I can understand due to the limitations of the deadline).

As a proof of art/writing I think it does well, but there isn't really anything to do :3 so I can't really rate it as a game, all I can say is it looks to have potential! :D which is really the point of the competition so :D

As for improvements, you defo need a pixel font and pixel icons too to make the whole thing cohesive! I am curious what the gameplay will be like, obviously there will be fighting based on this intro but I'm interested in the 'shop' that was mentioned in the intro. Would cool to have some Sim like elements in this, could work well with the theme.

Anyway, good job, got potential but not enough there for me to rate yet! Sorry :'(

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I enjoyed this game and think it has potential to be developed further given the time. I'll break it down into the different things that I was looking at whilst playing and say what I liked and hopefully provide some feedback that might be helpful XD.

1) Story - Started with an interesting hook, I always like to have something unusual that isn't fully explained and kind of gives you a 'you have to play to find out' feeling, keeps me intrigued. Ended with a nice little twist which is always welcome. Overall I can't fault the main story.

2) Characters - I liked the different personalities you were able to show off in a short amount of time. I'm sure you'll be able to expand them even more if developed further.

3) Graphics - The mapping was good making use of the assets available well. Some of the assets looked like they were upscaled making them stand out from the rest a little though. I'm sure you can sort this given more time in development though, so it's a minor issue. There were some passibility issues, like that in the cave whereby the cracks allowed you to walk on water. Again, a minor issue. Some the houses felt a bit big however and I'm finicky when it comes to door entrance scale. So if a door is one tile on the outside, it should be 1 on the inside but that's personal preference above anything, feel free to disregard that! The only other thing that struck me as odd was the church map, you enter by going up but inside you exit by going right. This felt a little weird for me.

4) Music - was pleasant for the most part although I'm not sure the battle music goes with the environment too well imo :( sounds a bit too futuristic for the more medieval vibe you've got going on. Easily fixed though :)

5) Fast Travel Map - I LOVED this (did you make the map yourself?) It was a really nice way to get around and to see what potential areas were around you lending itself to make you feel like the world is massive without actually having to travel from place to place.

6) Battle System - I know the system well in all honesty so I know that it's great and I know it takes a little while to really get into the many advanced strategies you can deploy. What was shown makes good use of it for the beginning of a game. It didn't feel unbalanced or unfair and had enough skills for you to get a good feel for it within the short time frame. So yeah, it's good :D

7) Tutorials - These were fine and explained the system well. One thing you could add is the ability to skip them (for those like me, who know the system already XD)

8) UI - Customised nicely. Gives it a fresh look and feel. Nothing to fault there.

9) Opening - LOVED that you had voice acting (and a nice voice too, whoevers it is <3). It could do with subtitles/captions though (I like to read along XD). And although I liked the custscene style pictures, it would be nice in the future to maybe have the actual events being played out on screen? Kind of like narrating a movie. Again, I liked it as is too but I think that would make it easier to follow along with what was being told to you, as it's quite a fast introduction to a new world, lore and story all at once.

10) General Pace - Overall it was fine. I'd like to see the tutorial stuff worked into the story perhaps though, maybe something along the lines of having to travel with Owin to find the cave and on that path you get introduced to the various fighting mechanics and maybe have to camp out the night and cook some food or something, introducing the cooking mechanic too. I know tutorials are usually the last thing to do though, especially with a timed competition (I know that well, considering ours were done at 2hrs before the deadline XD). But the tutorials worked fine overall. I think I read a comment saying you're reworking that section anyway, so this point may be moot and feel free to ignore it!

11) Size of game - think you could strip out some files to make it smaller (audio or images you're not using) cos just under 1GB is quite a lot. I know it's a bit laborious to get this done though (especially as the 'remove unused assets' thing built in can sometimes get rid of things you need that custom plugins using, if they haven't been written with that mind). It's a small issue but one to consider going forwards.

Overall: Lots of potential, especially with the story and characters, the stand out component of this game for me :D

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We're happy you enjoyed the game so much and are left wanting more, that means a lot to us! We definitely have a lot of ideas of what we can add to the game to make it better and fully flesh it out :) but we'd be more than happy for you to share your ideas, feedback is always welcome on how we can improve and make the game more feature rich :D

We don't have a plan to make a discord server just yet but we'll definitely look into it in the future!

Thank you, we appreciate it :D hopefully we can continue development and make it even better

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Thank you! CrossCode is a great game, we can only hope to produce something that awesome :D

Ah so they are procedurally generated and I agree that it does make sense to cut the 'fluff' so to speak like decorations to get a working prototype up and running.

I very much understand the tension aspect you are describing, as I felt it quite a few times. I got a Siphon Edge which I LOVED using but I lost it :'( and the battles leading up to my demise were tense!

That's a fair point on the traps too and as noted above my tension level did rise! It was maybe the combination of them being invisible (unless you have focus on) + possibly a bit too much damage seeming a little bit on the harsh side but these things, especially difficulty and challenge, are hard to balance as you can never please everyone (maybe I'm too soft XD)

What you've noted about the battle bgm I can definitely understand and in actual fact, I did take notice of the music change much more with Remnant and Boss Encounters than I would have usually if it wasn't for the absence of music in mob battles. Just, you know, I like battle music XD

Again, though, great prototype and really had a good time playing it. I may revisit it once I get through some more entries/get some more time/finish fixing bugs with our game as it was a nice polished experience :D

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for going back and finishing and giving us some new feedback! It's very much appreciated :D If you don't mind, I thought I'd respond to each of your points below a little so you can see where we think we might take each one

1) Rewarding Battles - Yes, we completely agree and was very much something we wanted to address with this prototype but just didn't have time to both implement a system to do this / figure out which one would be the best option. As this aspiring to be 'simulated' MMO, our thinking in terms of the card system is to very much bring in a more RPG element to the actual card system in terms of some sort of card customisation. Whether this be through something like XP gained per card used in battle and then the cards level up or gaining special items that you can then use to upgrade the cards, change attributes of them, increase their attack power, add a status effect etc we're not sure on the exact method we're with you on trying to make battles as rewarding as possible :D

2) D.CP limit - if we're honest, we had very little time to test the balancing of the game, we were both testing, writing code, setting up events and drawing art pretty much right through until the 8am deadline (that's how tight it was :O) so admittedly this just wasn't paid much attention. The same goes for item prices in the shop (most of it was guesswork if we're honest!) and we were well off the mark haha.

3) Elements - Yes, you are correct they function in a similar way to MMBN and yes, this isn't communicated to the player very well (or at all to be honest, again, something we can fix and address but just didn't have the time).

4) Battle presentation - you are right in that this is a little tricky :( we did implement a 2x zoom feature in our code (not available to you unfortunately) but felt that this was too zoomed in and some sort of middle ground would have been better however that's hard to do and maintain pixel perfect scaling for the art. We did feel though that when fullscreen was used this did mitigate the issue somewhat however can appreciate that it's not perfect. 

Hopefully that kind of lets you know where we might be going with this and hopefully some of this would address your issues you have. Again, thanks very much for such detailed feedback, it means a lot :D

Glad you found the final boss interesting. Our programmer worked hard to try and ensure that the battle would be more interesting and different to the norm to try and demonstrate some of the potential we could have for variety in battle :D

TLDR; We agree with all your points and we definitely have some ideas on how we can address them, unfortunately the lack of time hindered us from implementing any of them


I thoroughly enjoyed this entry. It's well executed, has some deep systems at play here and although I generally dislike first person view battles, this one is handled nicely and I had no qualms with it.

The graphics are nice, mapping is nice although I do think the dungeons could use a little more personality. I'm not too sure if they are being randomly generated or not and whether it's even possible or not but a little more decoration/things to see would be nice :)

The menu and overall UI looks good and is intuitive, the icons are clean and easy to get information from. Overall the aesthetic is pleasing :D

In terms of mechanics there are lots of systems at play here, very much a deep game and I can really appreciate that. I did find that the introduction of many of them so fast was a little hard to digest for me personally BUT I understand you want this information out there so the player can get on a see the potential of the game. Highlights of the mechanics for me were:-

1) the Weakness system, easy to remember and stops you from spamming the same moves making combat much more tactical. 

2) The blind state-  very cool (don't want to elaborate in case of spoilers)

3) Speed tier list - again, very nice addition that adds much more tactical combat

The other systems, like XP and skill collection are handled well and all come together to make it fun to play and quite addictive.

From what I played I didn't see too much of the story but it seemed intriguing. Writing was fine and delivered what it needed to.

There is only one thing I didn't really like in their current state and they were the traps. I felt these were quite overpowering, especially the HP/MP ones. Quite often these would knock me down to very little HP and MP and I would end up dying in the next battle. Think these could be tweaked or at least, a different system put in place to either make traps more avoidable ala perhaps a quick time event or dice roll to either avoid the trap or mitigate some of the effect.

Also, would have been nice to have some battle music for the mob encounters, I know it's not much but I missed it :'(

Overall though, a solid prototype that I can see much potential in. Executed well and I had a lot of fun playing it, great job :D

PS: Obviously the battle animations are top notch, but that goes without saying ;)

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I played it for about 20 minutes and it can be quite addictive once you get on a roll. I can see it working well as a mobile game.

The music and sound effects fit nicely, nothing felt out of place. The graphics communicate what they need to well enough, although some additional polish in the future would probably be worth it to make it stand out a bit more.

Do you plan on having 'stages' per se or make it into and endless runner? I could see a a Super Meat Boy approach working well with different Oceans or Seas being the overall level and having small levels with achievements inside of them, with progressive difficulty focusing on a few core mechanics per overall level.

I think it could have potential if you developed it further :)

Thank you for the positive feedback :D it's very much appreciated!

As for the gun, yes, we also think this but, and there was no way for you to know this as we didn't have time to include this in the game or mention this in the game,  we plan on having different gun types which would have a different ability assigned to them. 

The pistol that you use in the demo for example would have a Power Shot, where you can hold the fire key down to charge up a stronger blast. A different weapon like a shotgun for example, would have a lower rate of fire but a higher damage output and the ability to knockback an enemy. 

As for the environment, yes, very much as you've said the deadline definitely played a part on what we could cram into the fields as exploration. Ideally, we'd very much like to go down a much more Zelda-esque route with this with things such as breakable walls, hidden switches, hidden caves etc which would hopefully make exploration much more rewarding and not so easy. We just didn't have the time :(

Again, thanks for your feedback! We've added your game to our list and we'll be sure to give you some feedback on it when we get to it :D

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Thank you for the feedback Hadecynn, greatly appreciate the postitive feedback :D Yes, most of the battle system at this stage is largely that of megamans battle network as we wanted to get the core foundation in place for the competition but we have many great ideas on how can both extend and improve the system to really make it our own. Also, I'm glad you like the use of your animations in the project, they really are great animations so thank you for making them :)

Concerning the bug you found, apologies for that, we didn't quite have enough time to test everything so that must have slipped through. There wasn't much more content after that at all, just the final boss of the game! If you do go back through and finish it off let us know if you liked the final boss :D

Awesome, thank you :)


There are two of us working on an entry. If we wanted to use some DLC resources for RPG Maker in our project would we both have to own the packs that we wanted to use resources from or would only one of us owning them be enough?


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This sounds pretty interesting, looking forward to seeing how it progresses :D