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After an hour, I made it all the way to the "go to the original room". Never found it. 

Cats are op when they aren't missing 50% of the time. Dang and the girl just cheer on the cats from the sidelines.

The story is interesting. The art and music is amazing, however, the art culls a lot when using free grid movement. This is most apparent during battle.

The mini-games were interesting but a little bit generic.

The battle system. Why am I beating up "Blue Army guys" and not run them over going 60 mphs?

Overall, good job!


Oh, that room was not built yet, so there's an employee standing opposite you (in that room)

TUAN was very strong but left you behind after the tutorial ended. And then you dead (forget skills) after PHI boss defeats you

I still upgrade mini-games with mode: easy, normal and sandbox and more minigames

I'll try to remove using free grid movement.