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Played again today and have to say that having the fullscreen did make a difference. However, there were a few more things less tired me picked up on with this version. The first being that the enemy's back row is never visible to the player. If this is intentional to spike the difficulty, I personally don't like that. Some of the attacks happen a little too quickly to avoid too, namely the foxes, or whatever they are. Last thing, and what I felt yesterday but didn't really have words for, is that the experience feels really grind heavy. The repetition just doesn't sit well with me, which really isn't your fault but the reasoning there is more complicated than warrants explaining.

I do like the art though and the world feels pretty big despite how restricted it actually is (I explored everywhere I could, even where I wasn't supposed to; found a place to slip through but can't recall exactly where). Slightly better impression this go around but if people are reading this to decide whether to play or not, I say at least give it a try :) 


The back row not being visible is a resolution oversight. Sorry. I have it fixed in the new version. 

No biggie, things like that happen, especially for jams. It just made some fights extra hard XD

Anyway, best of luck to ya and hope your game does well!