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The idea is interesting but the controls didn't feel well. I think it is the time it takes the ship to change its direction. I didn't like the music but the visual style was fine. The main menu reminded me of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Why Pac Man don't kill the ghosts by eating them like in the real Pacman? At the moment, Pac Man feels more like a bomb that follows the ship and increases its impact ratio over time. It would be interesting if the player had to build a path for Pac Man to eat the ghosts.


Thanks a lot for playing! That's good criticism that we'll take in mind after voting is over. Sad that you didn't like the music, but so it is. 😉 

Exploding the Pacman is what the aim was, although initially we did experiment with Pacman eating the ghosts. Pacman as a walking bomb matches the theme better.