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Great design. Very intuitive gameplay. I didn't have to read instruction at all. Great job!
Awesome audio. Little short but catchy tune.

Flow of game feels a bit slow. Maybe speeding up a background a bit would help to fell more like bike ride.


Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it.

Yeah, the very slow bike thing kinda bugged me too, but I didn't want to make the whole game go faster as it would be too fast to place to blocks. Never thought about speeding up background just to get more urgent feel, bloody amasing idea!

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Glad i can help. :3

I will appreciate feedback on how it works.

Boom, I've fixed block rotation issue that bugged the hell out of me, but I've made background trees faster and bike animation loop quicker. I think it has made big difference to add urgency, does it feel any better now?

Oh Yeah! Now it feels like speedy ride :D

At first I felt so rushed that i failed miserably. XD