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You missed the twist part of the game.

Good concept. It's miss some fun factor.

Overall. Nice base for upgrading, some logic game.

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My friend use Opera and had same bug. Try different browser or desktop version. :)

Oh Yeah! Now it feels like speedy ride :D

At first I felt so rushed that i failed miserably. XD

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Glad i can help. :3

I will appreciate feedback on how it works.

Audio visual feel is brillant! Great job!

In future think how to combine beat bar with main view. Most of time i spend watching bottom bar so i cannot appreciate what is happening in game.

Great design. Very intuitive gameplay. I didn't have to read instruction at all. Great job!
Awesome audio. Little short but catchy tune.

Flow of game feels a bit slow. Maybe speeding up a background a bit would help to fell more like bike ride.

Simply rules but have great depth.
I must think a while to figure out some good approach.

Great job!

You got me when i saw unicorn <3

Greate project for chilling. It would work fantastic on mobile.

Good concept.
Needs some balacing and some mechanics to spend hard earn money.

Divading attention by playing two diffrent games to improve both of them is grate. I got a blast and ton of laugh. Love it!