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Did you target 1920x1080 and not put in anything to deal with screens that are smaller than that? Cause the camera doesn't appear to match the screenshots and the game seems to be unplayable for me as a result.

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Yeah... sorry. I'm dumb.  I know how to handle that but I didn't do it.  I can make you a version and pass it to you under the table if you would like.  But you don't have to rate it I would just be in it for the feedback.

If you hit tab it should kick out of  full screen mode I think... though it might only do that on my debug mode...

Both tab and alt-enter works. That doesn't fix it though, since it doesn't change the resolution.

I will put in a fix for that and update the game files once the competition is over.  My bad, that's the things you overlook when trying to cram as much stuff into a game as you can I guess.

Ok I have the game working with a LOT more resolutions.  I'd be happy to send you a zip with it if you were interested in trying it and giving me feedback.