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I really like the atmosphere and visual style of the desert, but a few things in this game make it a little too challenging unless you already know what's coming up ahead. I feel like the main attack could be either closer range, or some of the platforms could be longer because of how easy it is to get hit by enemies and spikes you can't see in some places. That and I still haven't gotten the ship piece back because I keep running out of water while trying to dodge the lasers. However, the graphics are easily worthy of 5 stars, and the boss battle looks pretty cool. I just haven't gotten to it because of the difficulty :P

Thanks a lot! Definitely right about the difficulty, lack of intuition perhaps. To balance a bit, I modified the camera to lead further to the direction player faces and lowered the water consumption rate while you are in the desert, in the downloadable post-jam build. I'd love to hear your thoughts on changes and if you think they helped to fix it a little or not... And if you want to reach the boss quickly, there is "speedrun" bug in the original version (which is squashed in the post-jam build) that lets you reach further east and get the final regulator which activates the boss :)