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Thanks for patching it, just nabbed the top score ;)

I loved this game as a kid! The game doesn't seem to be counting my time bonus in the total score though?

I really like the atmosphere and visual style of the desert, but a few things in this game make it a little too challenging unless you already know what's coming up ahead. I feel like the main attack could be either closer range, or some of the platforms could be longer because of how easy it is to get hit by enemies and spikes you can't see in some places. That and I still haven't gotten the ship piece back because I keep running out of water while trying to dodge the lasers. However, the graphics are easily worthy of 5 stars, and the boss battle looks pretty cool. I just haven't gotten to it because of the difficulty :P

Amazing work on this one! The visual presentation and interesting mechanic work very well, even though I admittedly haven't gotten very far into the game. It was all the little touches that made me like this one so much over the other entries, like the cute animations and overall smooth gameplay. I feel like this game deserves more ratings then it has, so I hope people spread this around over the next day!

Hey, this was a pretty unique game. I love the variety of customers that come into the shop, and their corresponding dialogue that adds a bit more flavor to each day. My only advice would be to up the difficulty in some way as you progress, maybe adding new features into the interface midway through the game. Also, there was one part where the color and design were cut off of the speech bubble because the text was too long, but that's more of a minor issue. I really appreciate the creativity here, especially in the graphics.

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Very well made! I loved the artwork and music, especially the theme and graphical effects while underwater. The shop is a cool way to keep people invested without breezing through the game too fast, and the fact that you can buy additional color palettes was a nice touch. The only part where the game seemed to drag a little was when I exhausted the amount of fish and didn't seem to have enough money to continue the game. But I'm really looking forward to seeing even more of this game in the future, being one of my favorites from the GB Jam so far.

One Small Favor was a very cute game, in both the graphics and pretty funny dialogue. However, it does feel a little on the short side. If I had to make a suggestion it would be to extend the map further, and possibly even make the favor more of a chore for Tessa. Also, maybe an option to turn the music on and off? Not to say I didn't enjoy the game, though. It felt like a polished RPG.

I really like the concept of taking an educational game, in this case using math problems, and turning them into something a little more fun and easier to grasp. I certainly got the sense that the 21 levels featured were a good tutorial, but the only one I struggled on was one towards the end. I think I would have found the game a little more satisfying if there had been some puzzles that I really had to think about in order to beat. But with that said, it was a nice attempt and a concept I'd like to see more of in the future.