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The presentation in this game is A++ Great graphics all around and the few characters we get to meet are wonderful as well. I love Raccoon's walk animation so much, especially his forward walking sprite strut. It's got a lot of personality.

Battle took me quite a bit to get used to. I only ever unlocked pigeons and 1 snake card. At first, I was taking battles far too frantically, when I slowed myself down a bit, things started to go better. Curse those squirrels though! Their frantic behaviour is a force to be reckoned with!!

There's not a whole lot of meat here to chew, but what is here is great. It's a funny spin on the whole pokemon-esq animal collecting and the grid based battle system provides some interesting strategy. And again, these graphics are just *chef kiss*

I'm curious though... did money have a use in this build?

Ah yes, one random side note - it's possible to retrigger the scene with the robots over and over again. To the point of, if you run forward while they are shooting you, and then try to exit the scene to the left once it's over, you retrigger it again right away! A small mishap, but worth mentioning. (You can also trigger random battles while being shot in the face by robots. Rude! haha)

Congrats on submitting your demo and bringing something so charming and unique to the table!


Money has no use in this build.  It was eluded to in the intro.  I was aiming at having health items and booster packs in the game for this build.  I ran out of time though. :/ 

I feel a little bad for all the times I tail whipped the VR shop keeper trying to figure out if he'd sell me something. (but also, I don't actually feel bad at all.) ;D

I figured out what was going on with that cut scene.  Basically battles reset the triggered variable... oops.


I am working on slowing down the battles a bit to make them less hectic.  I think I'll freeze or slow down the battle when you select a special attack card.   Then you move a cursor to aim the attack.  I think that will make the battles a bit more player friendly.   


Oh, yeah! I think that's a great idea. I didn't use the animal cards too much until I had more HP because it was so easy to take hits there. The gun was more reliable for a hit and run. (I used the pigeons a lot more later just to block people from running away from my gun) A grace period to position the animal attack sounds fantastic.