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This is cool! Really polished. Nice work!

My only gripe is with the interaction required for the colour change mechanic. Given it is not animated I find it very difficult to do, often do it the wrong way, and find that it often happens by accident as my old developer unit has a very loose crank that doesn’t stay still. Would be great if there was a button combo to do that interaction?

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I'm considering a  change to the crank mechanic where the first crank tick is a direction "hint". The background grid (or maybe the row/column, haven't decided) will animate in the direction it will eventually move the color to, and the second crank tick will commit the change.

This will allow you to see if you're going in an unintended direction and allow you to back out if needed.

For your particular wobbly crank issue, I was thinking a long press on the A/B buttons to do the same thing as the crank.

I would also appreciate a bigger distance between crank ticks; I once lost a high-scoring game because I accidentally ticked it twice. A "crank sensitivity" option might be nice and could also solve gingerbeardman's issue. 

Gotcha - will add that to the list for the next release, too.

v1.1.0 allows you to long press the A and B buttons as a substitute for the crank, and the crank itself is less accident prone. Give it a try and let me know what you all think.