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Sunset Overlay is the layout editor music!

Thank you for the detailed report! Shisen-sho matching has some weirdness especially on layouts that use half-grid spaces, hence why Phone is the only one of those we included. I’ve spent a long time trying to make the matching algorithm both performant and accurate, but in situations like above it can fail. If there’s a 1.2 version I’ll examine this example, but can’t promise it will be fixed (I think a little bit of rare inaccuracy on this layout is okay if it can be performant and work on every other layout).

In play-testing I actually found myself taking advantage of the trigger point to quickly toggle zoom states. Every 72 degrees is a zoom point. I liked to use small nudges of my right hand ring and pinky fingers to toggle zoom. Anyway, that’s why I left it like that. I can see the benefit of your suggestion too and will consider it if there’s another patch.

Have you tried any of the other zoom options like B button or always on?

Already done 🙂!

Hey thanks for reporting that! We already have a fix ready in v1.1 which should be out soon.

There’s unfortunately no easy way to give Catalog owners access to additional files. But you can email us at with a picture of your purchase receipt and we’ll make sure you get it!

At the top of the main itch page, you should see a banner saying “You own this game” with a download button. Click that and it will take you to the downloads section with the high res image.

At the top of the page you should see a banner saying “You own this game” with a download button. Click that and it should take you to the available download for v1.0.

Ok never mind my earlier comment, we managed to implement all your suggestions 😄. Hope you enjoy the full version, out later today!

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No problem! Thank you for the continued support and all the great suggestions. We are taking note of your ideas, but won’t be able to implement all of them before the final release. Being able to “favorite” certain styles would be cool, but also would be a considerable interface challenge given how our current Options menu works. Maybe as post-launch content though!

Thank you for the kind words and the suggestions! There’s a little time left and a crank to rewind feature could be cool. Maybe I’ll get around to it. Early on I decided to only implement one stage of undo history (instead of endless), since it can definitely be over-used to peak at all the tiles and cheat a little bit.

Showing the current layer height is actually a feature we already have in the level editor that’s coming in the full release. The height is shown as a small number on the cursor. I’ll see if I can enable it as an option for the main gameplay mode.

Thank you for the suggestions! Good idea about the crank thresholds. And I’ll see about making the 2x zoom a locked setting, but it would have to play nicely with the various menus that force the display back to its non-scaled setting. One feature in the final release is an option to use the B-button to toggle zoom (instead of deselecting the last tile), which should also make it easier to quickly zoom in/out.

Wow, I’m really happy to hear this! I’m in disbelief to have made a game that someone has to invested that much time in (wishing I put more detailed stats tracking in the game for you now). If you get a chance to leave a rating here, that would help out a lot too. Thank you for playing and enjoying!

Hey paracosmhq, sorry for the late reply! I’ve added the “B button to toggle zoom” option in the full version which will hopefully be out in April. What was the rare bug you found?

Sprites are now type ‘userdata’ instead of ‘table’ and I had a couple checks in my game for type(var) == ‘table’

Thank you! If all goes well the full release will be out within the next month or two.

We won’t have the free demo until the full game releases, so you’ll have to wait until then if you are unsure about purchasing now.

Hey Seth, I decided to implement this feature sooner. In the latest v0.4 update there's now an 'auto-select' option that lets you do this! Let me know what you think.

No worries! I just realized you use direct payments instead of itch payment collection (correct me if I'm wrong), which actually makes you ineligible for co-op bundles unless you were to switch :(

Hey, this is a beautiful game and I'm wondering if you'd like to include it in a co-op bundle I'm organizing? I sent you more details on the dev forum if you're interested! 

Thank you! And that's a great idea, I'll have that for the final game.

This also happened to me but on my first scratch. I'm not sure how to reproduce it yet but if I discover how, I'll let you know.

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This was a regression in OS update 1.12.1, a new patch should be coming out shortly that fixes the issue for this game (and others having the same crash).

Hey thanks for the super kind words, it makes me happy to know I made something you enjoy! When you get the chance, I'd appreciate a rating too (top right of game page). I think it will help discoverability.

Wow, that's really high praise! I'm glad the game resonated with you so much. I also wish I could do online leaderboards, but your scores are pretty good so far and you can at least submit them on the form I made.

I would also appreciate a bigger distance between crank ticks; I once lost a high-scoring game because I accidentally ticked it twice. A "crank sensitivity" option might be nice and could also solve gingerbeardman's issue.