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How does a blade that steals wakefulness
seem more profane than a sword that only steals life?

&&&&&&&&& Treasure is a long list of very intriguing RPG items as much as it is a book of poetry. The endlessly creative prose breathes life into even the simplest, tried and true OSR fare- healing potions are translated into "the stolen potential of a god kept asleep with prayer" and stored in "large earthenware demijohns of blue-tinged milk." Many of these items have very vivid adventure hooks; necromancers, witches, beast-men, and more will hunt down the party for one reason or another if they happen to be carrying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Reading it is a draught of inspiration, page after page.

The worldbuilding is deep and mythic in tone. I'm struck by how much colonialism informs the text. Over and over again, &&&&&&&&& Treasure makes sure you know that this, the world from which these fantastical items originate, is a world where people take things from each other and propagate their cultures, over and over again. I find it to be very self-aware of the origins of the OSR genre. 

If you play OSR games at all, this is for you. You'll definitely find a place for it in your game; I'm already thinking about how I could use it in mine. 


Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the book so much.


Sold. Colonialism as a force of evil is fun to make a little less metaphorical in D&D imho. This sounds so hot.