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Jay's the sort of designer that will release a new standard for tactical TRPGs as a casual proof of concept. There's a lot of truly fascinating stuff in here; high math mechanics made accessible, abilities that get your heart pumping as you read them, an eerie and magical reinterpretation of Norse mythology, a lesbian frame narrative (!??). I'm excited to see how this project evolves, and how other projects might become inspired by it.

LFG, also ; )

cyberpunk mutant with ornate earrings. vibe is 'stone'

Let me see if I can find something. Could you dm me on Twitter @RipleyStation?

Thank you for the review!

Thank you very much for the review!

BLOOD KNIGHT GAIUS is one of those perfect little OSR modules. Settle into your chairs around the table, lay your drink-stained character sheets before you, and stare up at the towering GM screen as candles of red wax are lit.

The concept is immediately strong; a sect of monk-like vampires feed only on those who search for them and fail in honorable combat. If you win, you take an inordinate amount of money back home, and if you fail, well... you knew the risks. It effortlessly combines the tone of spooky-Dracula vampirism and old martial arts film and anime. 

The layout, graphic design, and art of the module is both simple and impeccable, the scantone quality of some pages and towering silhouettes of its primary foes adding much to the mood. 

Situations present themselves that don't necessarily have to be resolved through combat, making for a complex OSR experience. The snippets of lore and little touches present throughout are very evocative and should be shown to the players at any opportunity. 

It's really good, basically. I love thematic, punchy modules like this one. Ascend the mountain and challenge BLOOD KNIGHT GAIUS, for the night is long, and glittering gold awaits behind a cloak of stars. 

Thanks for the review! Another errata or another adventure, haha

Gah! Blasted typos always wriggle their way in. 
Character sheets are a good idea! I'll try to add those soon.

Appreciate it! I think this is a perfect module for Halloween.

I'll try to get something up! Been having some odd issues with exporting the ol' pdf file again recently, or I already would have done it. 

Glad it could be useful!

Thank you very much for the detailed review!

It's definitely deadly. One good way to do it is to have the PC's level up after every 2 floors, so they're level 3 by the final one. You could also give them more chances to make saves or reduce all damage by one step.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you! I love holiday specials..

Thank you for the lovely review! Happy to terrify players. 

Glad to hear you liked it! I'd love to work with him in the future, we'll see where the cards fall ;)

Please do! Send any of that to my twitter, @Donovanplanet. I'd love to hear feedback, reactions, etc. 

Thank you so, so much for the kind review! I appreciate it. More A Wizard content may be in store for the future... ;) 

Hey, this looks really fun! The use (and subsequent expendability) of many characters for each player reminds me a bit of Goblin Quest. Out of curiosity, what font did you use for the '90 minutes' in the title?