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Katt Kirsch

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Genuinely impressed by the thorough commitment to its premise. Feels like there's so much more here than there is. Dense, meaty, and actually motivates you to play. I'm, like, genuinely excited to run this.

It's got all of em! 1, 3, 9, hell there's even a few cheeky 0s in there! Go get it!

I laughed, I cried, there's a big fucking frog on the cover. Seriously, incredible zine, I'm already chomping at the bit for the next one.

Incredible, essential resource for streamlining your wolves play, especially if you're adapting the rules for your own regions and hexcrawls. Lets you see the flavours of the lands at a glance! Just get it!

Thank you so much! Excellent stuff, supremely useful.

we're getting so close to video games being good

This is so fuckin good

Is Christian Kessler's work present in this?


So so very excited for this!

Cute little game, and I adore the character! Would love to see you iterate on this, it seems like it runs at a pretty relaxed tempo compared to the animated gif above, and I'm curious how a faster version would play. In any case, a lot of fun!


Seemed so silly until I used it, now its value is so evident I'd think of this as an essential item for anyone who loves games and travels light!

Thinking of this as a first draft, and excited to see all that you create in a new from-scratch iteration, with all that you've learned so far. Keep building! <3

This is exactly what I'd hoped to hear. Can't wait to buy <3

This is very, very good.

This is incredible. I haven't been back to these dialogues since the mid 90s, and revisiting them on a genesis hooked up to a crt in a wood panel breakroom sounds like it's going to please every sense. Thanks so much for this effort,

Have I told you we're using these? Because we're definitely using these. <3

Sold. Colonialism as a force of evil is fun to make a little less metaphorical in D&D imho. This sounds so hot.

This is fantastic to hear! Your game was one of my media highlights last year, and as a pixel art / fighting game enthusiast it was far out of my comfort zone, yet I adored every minute of it, even with those early bugs you quickly ironed out. So excited to see your new work! <3