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personally i find Delving Deeper an extremely clear and runnable version of OD&D - i've been using it "in anger" for a few years now, and have only made minimal mechanical changes. it represents a very clear and concise package. i think there is a huge amount of value in going through the original OD&D books and "working it out yourself" but more as a philosophical exercise rather than seeking something you can use right now to run a game. 

AC as Armour simply means the Armour Class of the creature being described is equal to whatever armour that individual is wearing - likewise for Damage as Weapon. 

This was originally written for use with Original Dungeons & Dragons (OD&D), using the retroclone Delving Deeper which is a cleanup and restatement of the original text. You can find digital copies of Delving Deeper online for free.  Notably, OD&D and many of its derivatives use a d6 for all HD and most damage - any increase beyond a flat d6 represents a monster able to deal damage beyond the limits of a human. 

Additionally, my own work, Wolves Upon the Coast, uses this as the only monster manual. 

Hope this helps!

wikipedia has a pretty good discussion around hillforts - you can extrapolate what some of the cultures of Wolves might have developed on top of that. 
beyond that, a lot of fortifications would likely be a mix of wood and stone, based upon the roman fort model - the low population count makes large stone fortifications very difficult, potentially limiting this to mostly an outer wall.  in a lot of the map, some of the roman fortifications would still be standing. 

hell yeah

the download includes all the .md files for the documents, as well as the html versions. if you spend some time getting used to pandoc you could very quickly make a pdf that combines all of them! some people have also had good experiences importing the content into obsidian. 

when i've run it magic is mostly discovered by doing work for existing magic users, or learning it from any of the grimoires found.  there is also the possibility of learning some magic from one of the demon-faced coins. 

i've heard some tables leave the spell lists accessible to the players so they are instead actively seeking the ingredients rather the knowledge of the spells. personally i prefer having it all hidden, but you know your table best.

similarly, i'd shy away from starting with knowledge of magic but as above - you know your table best.

This guy discusses his experience with throwing replica franciscas (frankish hand axe) - might be useful

"ritually unseasoning their food" killed me dead. these backgrounds rock

languages available at character creation: 


There are no listed skills - the terms Navigator and Marine mostly refer to NPCs with these skill-sets. 

355 b5 pages, not including the treasure and monster books (which can be bought in print currently)

eventually, but progress is very slow

re-download the new package ( - all the files are in there, including the newly updated ones.

re-download the new package ( - all the files are in there, including the newly updated ones.

this is fucking great. thank you for making this. 

Just don't sell/share what you end up doing (beyond some pictures of course) and you're all good. 

A video talking about the book!

in the main description Mikey has his own take on mass combat in wolves. 

i know at least one playgroup used Delta's Book of War to run some mass combat. in the rules themselves there isn't anything currently. 

herein lies a path to leave mortality behind

same deal with the corpses result - a 14-16 indicates you find the corpses (or the ruins of) a merchant caravan.

you roll the d20 against the encounter table - so you might have a Priest with 17 faithful (result 9-13) in conflict with 40 bandits (result 1-5).
you could also use some of the [if within] encounters for this - maybe giving it a 3-in-6 chance or something? 

oh! and the Golden Rhinoceros - Fauvelle for &Treasure

  • Beowulf - trans. Thomas Meyer
  • The Meat Tree - Gwyneth Lewis
  • Grettir the Outlaw - S. Baring-Gould
  • River Kings - Cat Jarman
  • Ibn Fadlan and the Land of Darkness - multiple trans. 
  • The Northman - dir Robert Eggers (obviously lol)

These are just the ones off the top of my head - I keep a list of everything I've read since some point in 2021, you can see it here

the intention is to give these high HD humans multiple attacks, although having the other Monsters as a different order of beings and thereby capable of multiple attacks is also very interesting. 

Use the more specific weather (i.e. the inland table) if you feel like they are conflicting. The naval weather table covers all of the sea, and acts as more of a fall-back or addition to the in-land specific tables. If the players manage to sail out from the under the storm, they might find the light breeze prevailing upon the ocean - or it is more of a rainstorm, meaning weak winds. 

1) Yes this is the intention. 

2) That would depend on the specific situation - any one of the suggestions you made could work. Wrestling an enemy down might mean a STR check (using the sliding difficulty depending on the size of the foe) whereas a weapon leg sweep might be roll-to-hit followed by a Dodge Save. Part of the system's design is giving you multiple points to use to adjudicate situations as you see fit. 

3) Correct, although this was expanded on a little in the April update - make sure that's the file you're working from. 

4) The chances are in the Magic book, updated very recently - make sure you're working from the most recent update. 

Itch only allows images up to 3MB so i've uploaded the images here and here

I'll add these to the next update. 

hexographer - the .hxm file isn't included but could be 

i've started off the northern coast of Ruislip, letting players check out some islands or head straight for Ruislip or Albann. I think the eastern coast of Albann would work well too. Rhus could make an interesting campaign starter, albeit a very challenging one. 

broad advice - if someone would tell a story about it, it's good enough for a boast. each table will tend to find where they're happiest with boasts after making a few and feeling out if it felt 'right'.

Outside of Flagrant Coasts I'm not planning anything - I suspect you could achieve something using Flagrant Coasts and having each 'model' represent more than a single model. Equally, there's a large number of ancients and dark ages historical rulesets which should work well too. 

I'll look into it, depending on what hexographer can offer - that said getting players to draw their own maps is always fun in my experience

my man dan is getting fucked up on that san pellegrino blood orange

They can be used in the OD&D alternative combat matrix. 

The penalty is applied to attacks against the one wearing the armour - this is done for systems (such as Wolves Upon the Coast) where AC is never modified due to being used in multiple rules. If your game of choice only uses AC for protection, you're fine to use the 'normal' statistics and ignore those in italics. 

this fucking owns 

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the book so much.

You can get it alongside a number of other creations also using Violence here.

You also get a sticker.

Glad you're enjoying the different takes on coins - they were the starting point for &&&&& Treasure. 

Good blogpost - wasn't aware that others had considered coins too! 

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Please post any errors in the text in this thread for correction - and to make sure they've not already been called out. 

Please do not feel any requirement to post here - this is simply so there is a single place for those who want to call out errors, not a solicitation for unpaid labour.

edit 25/05/2023 - i'm going to start deleting posts where i've addressed the comments because i keep checking and re-checking the same typos etc. thank you for putting them!