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HD are d6!

i've started off the northern coast of Ruislip, letting players check out some islands or head straight for Ruislip or Albann. I think the eastern coast of Albann would work well too. Rhus could make an interesting campaign starter, albeit a very challenging one. 

broad advice - if someone would tell a story about it, it's good enough for a boast. each table will tend to find where they're happiest with boasts after making a few and feeling out if it felt 'right'.

Outside of Flagrant Coasts I'm not planning anything - I suspect you could achieve something using Flagrant Coasts and having each 'model' represent more than a single model. Equally, there's a large number of ancients and dark ages historical rulesets which should work well too. 

I'll look into it, depending on what hexographer can offer - that said getting players to draw their own maps is always fun in my experience

1 - this appears to be an error looking at some earlier versions of the content - i'll mark that for change 

2- this is an oversight and i'll address it in the next update too 

thank you!

Good catch, will address it.

my man dan is getting fucked up on that san pellegrino blood orange

They can be used in the OD&D alternative combat matrix. 

The penalty is applied to attacks against the one wearing the armour - this is done for systems (such as Wolves Upon the Coast) where AC is never modified due to being used in multiple rules. If your game of choice only uses AC for protection, you're fine to use the 'normal' statistics and ignore those in italics. 

this fucking owns 

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the book so much.

You can get it alongside a number of other creations also using Violence here.

You also get a sticker.

I've not read Kult despite meaning to for a while!

By all means, I'd love to see people making stuff using this!

03.07 ogre wishes to desire all bones -> ogre wishes to possess all bones

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kin as in family - if you check in Volume 2 Monsters & it details that all dragons are often kinslayers. hence he sleeps on the gold of his dead family (kinfolk)

hexes are 6 miles across as detailed in Wolves Upon the Coast

02.05 will be corrected in the next release.

thank you!

Glad you're enjoying the different takes on coins - they were the starting point for &&&&& Treasure. 

Good blogpost - wasn't aware that others had considered coins too! 

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Please post any errors in the text in this thread for correction - and to make sure they've not already been called out. 

Please do not feel any requirement to post here - this is simply so there is a single place for those who want to call out errors, not a solicitation for unpaid labour.