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How is this game coming along? I've been following it for years, just wondering if it's close to being released? When it does get released,
please release it here on ITCH also. Many developers choose to only
put demos out here and then sell the full game on STEAM. I do not
support STEAM but I will buy a game from GOG or ITCH. Thanks! 8)


Hey there! Thanks a lot for your support :) We are finishing implementing some optional content now, and soon there will be only bug fixing/polishing left to do, so hopefully we'll release by the end of this year.

And don't worry, we will release the full game both on Itch and Steam! :)


That is excellent news!
I will be buying it as soon as it's available! 8)
Good luck with the release!


Glad to hear,  didnt expect that this game is stil developed.
loved the demo, looking forward to it! :-)


Me still been here, standing here in the queue :-)