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Man I'm impressed you can do this with GZDoom. Criticisms:

- There may be some kind of input delay? I dunno but it feels off whenever I try to do jumps or shield, like it's taking long than it should. 

- The default controls are strange, the feel kind of unnatural with a controller. I'm still not certain what the support button does but I assume that came later in the demo. 

- The shield their face charging guys have a weird prompt, and overall feel janky. Like their charge doesn't feel smooth, the transition between face hit and shield is odd, etc.

- There's a huge difficulty curve after you go underground. And when you die the healthkit doesn't respawn when you go down there. There isn't enough space to move around and your jump isn't high enough to dodge both of them coming at you (they come out at different times)

- Love the animations and the graphics, though I saw that the bullets  go behind the background during the power on section and there's fire bursts. There should also be a prompt saying you can shield through those.

- Was the bullets being stronger when you're out of charge on purpose? 

- Dash jump feels really good to use. 

- There's a few typos in the demo parts, might want to re-look over that/

Really fun stuff overall, though I can't really get through that difficult ambush, lol.

Thank you for good criticism and I'm glad to hear that you are enjoyed my game  :D

Aaand I'll answer some of your questions. Unanswered questions are currently being corrected or resolved.

There may be some kind of input delay? <-Nope,  there is no input delay on jump  or shield. But, if  I find something I'll fix it! 

Was the bullets being stronger when you're out of charge on purpose? <-It's not being stronger but weaker. When you're energy runs out, plasma cannon's damage will become weak, and the rate of fire will be increased. 

There's a few typos in the demo parts, might want to re-look over that <-What do you mean demo part?  You mean startup cutscene? I'll fix that problem.

Please look forward to it! I will do my best :D