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Development is still in progress. Devlog will be uploaded within next week.

You posted here too! haha, Thank you for playing again. I uploaded a video about the changed combat system today. I hope you like it :D

I'm still working hard on it. I'll post more details later!

thx! :D

Thank you for playing!

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Thank you for playing! XD

Thank you again CoalFire, I'll make a good improvement next time.  Thank you for the criticism! :D

Thank you for good criticism and I'm glad to hear that you are enjoyed my game  :D

Aaand I'll answer some of your questions. Unanswered questions are currently being corrected or resolved.

There may be some kind of input delay? <-Nope,  there is no input delay on jump  or shield. But, if  I find something I'll fix it! 

Was the bullets being stronger when you're out of charge on purpose? <-It's not being stronger but weaker. When you're energy runs out, plasma cannon's damage will become weak, and the rate of fire will be increased. 

There's a few typos in the demo parts, might want to re-look over that <-What do you mean demo part?  You mean startup cutscene? I'll fix that problem.

Please look forward to it! I will do my best :D

Thank you for playing! :D