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The game seems very taxing on memory even though it seems simple? Are you using a lot of parallel processes? What kind are they and why are they always running? Anyway, I do really enjoy this very dark setting. Sorry about all the questions I'm just very curious.

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Hi! Yeah there are tons of parallel processes running in the game. Biggest processes are most likely the ones that check the character status all the time, like if the character loses a limb, changes weapons or puts on a disguise. Those processes change character graphics accordingly. Then there are of course the fear and hunger systems that keep track how hungry and fearful each character is and how those stats increase/decrease over time with all the status ailments that come with them. Then there are bow and arrow check and bear trap check that calculate X and Y coordinates of both the player character and enemies...

That's just to name few, there are plenty more smaller processes running for whatever purposes. Currently there are like 200 common events in the game and every battle has 20 pages worth of events going on. There most likely would have been a more optimized way to implement many of the systems, but to be honest, I'm not a coder at all :D This is actually my first real game ever that I'm making here and I'm learning things as I go.

I did notice that the hallucination system seemed taxing to my laptop and by removing them, the game started running more smoothly. Hopefully it's the same for other people too with the next upcoming version.

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Thank you for taking the time to tell me what's going on.

Maybe a lot of these could run inside the SAME parallel process instead of separate ones but you've probably already done that whenever possible. I wonder if the rogue-like aspects do constant checks too because if so, maybe stuff like that could be randomly generated BEFORE even starting the game unless it does that already. I know whatever I say is going to sound like  unsolicited advice because I can't really see it all in front of me.

I'm surprised combat has so much going on because it doesn't SEEM that complicated, not to undervalue the tons of work that went into it and everything else.  Wish I could see it more in depth what's going on but from what you've said it seems like that depth would take hours to dig through.

Reason I even comment is because I really enjoy this game and setting a lot which I said already. It's been rare to find the very darker themes and I'm surprised not more people are inspired by it.

Yeah I've tried combining some parallel processes, but some of them are so huge that the engine itself becomes laggy when making the game :D Most of the rogue-like aspects are set at the beginning of the game or on the spot when you get some randomized items for example. There aren't really any parallel processes that handle that stuff.

In combat, 8 pages already go to character graphics and status checkings. Because the game has to react to dismemberments and such. Those pages also check every turn if you are able to hold onto your weapons with less arms among other things. They are also pretty lengthy. I might be able to combine them, but then the pages would become like REALLY long. Part of the problem no doubt is, that everything is based on RPG Maker commands. There's very little actual coding. Also the game systems are a bit of a mess in certain places, because when I first started making the game, I wasn't quite aware of how much the game would actually expand in the future. The game is pretty simple at face value, but there's tons of detail and some odd skills here and there that affect the big picture, resulting kinda complex game imo. At least as far as typical RPG maker games are concerned.

But thanks! It's always nice to hear people appreciate the game!