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Its so crazy having followed your work for so many years since TLOWO i was so blown away by your skill putting together a great narrative experience back then and am so psyched for this next game, you have worked so hard and grown so much, seeing this project in its final stages is so impressive, you should be very proud.

Truly congratulations on your engagement and upcoming marriage, i am also getting married in two weeks, i will think of you and send my wishes for your celebrations to be wonderful, and your marriage even better.

You're too kind, InvaderZero! >///<
At least half of those credits goes to my proofreaders--they really worked hard on polishing my grammar and I can't thank them enough! TLOWO will always be my baby, but I'm a little worried with Bermuda because I'm getting a little too... ambitious? I mean, the plot is more complicated and I'm afraid I won't do them justice, but I'll do my best! >_<;

Thank you so much for being here, for your support, and for your everlasting patience~ It really means a lot to me, I didn't expect so many people to walk with me QuQ

And congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I wish it's everything you imagined and more <3 I'm sure you've worked hard and busier than ever, but it will be worth it in the end! Don't forget to get plenty of rest and I will also send my best wishes to you along with everyone else's ^///^