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You're too kind, InvaderZero! >///<
At least half of those credits goes to my proofreaders--they really worked hard on polishing my grammar and I can't thank them enough! TLOWO will always be my baby, but I'm a little worried with Bermuda because I'm getting a little too... ambitious? I mean, the plot is more complicated and I'm afraid I won't do them justice, but I'll do my best! >_<;

Thank you so much for being here, for your support, and for your everlasting patience~ It really means a lot to me, I didn't expect so many people to walk with me QuQ

And congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I wish it's everything you imagined and more <3 I'm sure you've worked hard and busier than ever, but it will be worth it in the end! Don't forget to get plenty of rest and I will also send my best wishes to you along with everyone else's ^///^