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Hey there Intex Gaming!

Thanks for taking the time to write down your suggestions and reviewing my game. So regarding the suggestions you mentioned,
five of the seven suggestions mentioned have either already been implemented in the next version, or are in the planning stages
for future development. And trust me, I know city building and god games—I've played them my whole life haha. I've got lots of ideas, the only thing I don't have too much of is time. Each one of the systems mentioned takes hours and hours to code and implement.

Regardless of this however, they are in the works, and I will strive to create a game that can live up to your and the community's expectations. Thanks again for your suggestions Intex, I actually really appreciate your input and view. Feel free to join our discord community and let us 
know if you have any additional suggestions!

Thanks for the reply on my comment. Its good to see a developer take the communities feedback so well. I hope everything goes well for you and for the game. Hopefully the final product will be fantastic and can't wait to see it completed in the future. Good luck on the game.