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This game need some major improvements. 

First, there needs to be a "speed up time" feature in the game because waiting around for resources gets boring after a while and with most sim city game, they have this feature to allow the players to speed up time and keep them entertained. No one wants to wait around in a game for resources.

Secondly, there seems to be too little resouces at the start of the game. I played it on easy and just trying to get the basics of the mines and money flowing was hard enough and I quickly ran out of the major resources which make me restart the game again because there just wasn't enough there. I dread to think what the game is like on hard mode

Thirdly, the randomly generated buildings need to be changed. What I mean is that you can have a building that is one by one or a building three by three but they both do the same job. Instead of random buildings, have it so that the buildings either changed according to upgrades or have it so the player can pick the building out of the diferent varieties of building there is because having these building give the player much more variety on what they can place and allows other to make the most out of the space they have.

Fourth, the HUD does need a rework because it is just a basic HUD which is dull and boring to look at. The information is there but the visuals are not. This can deter potential new players and even existing ones from the game because it doesn't look good and isn't always clear. You have the icons there but the HUD isn't

Fifth, there needs to be some incentive for the player to keep coming back. Mini objectives like having the player to complete challenges for a reward or a unlockable sandbox mode or even a story mode can keep the player engaged in the game. Small changes like this can be a major improvement and engagement is always good.

Sixth, maybe add some mod support. Most city building games have mod support to allow the game to be fresh and to allow the community get involved in the game and engage more in the game. This is probably a later feature you want to add but its not that important.

Seventh, I know you are trying to go for the "free-form" feature to city building but I think this feature needs to be changed to a snap and grid system so that players can make the most out of the land they have. This is more of a personal preference than anything else so if you have done all of the above then this doesn't really matter. But please let me snap my roads to each other. I hate wonky roads. I would aloow the player to decide whether to use the snap feature or not so have it on a toggle in either the options menu or on the HUD for easier accessability. It just allows for more of a variety to the game.

If these changes took place then it would have a lot of potential to be a good city building survival game. I tried not to go too hard on the game but I feel like you could use some ideas of how city building games work. If you want to look at a game that is similar to yours then either look at frostpunk or universim for inspiration. Good luck on your journey and I go into more detail in my video.

Hey there Intex Gaming!

Thanks for taking the time to write down your suggestions and reviewing my game. So regarding the suggestions you mentioned,
five of the seven suggestions mentioned have either already been implemented in the next version, or are in the planning stages
for future development. And trust me, I know city building and god games—I've played them my whole life haha. I've got lots of ideas, the only thing I don't have too much of is time. Each one of the systems mentioned takes hours and hours to code and implement.

Regardless of this however, they are in the works, and I will strive to create a game that can live up to your and the community's expectations. Thanks again for your suggestions Intex, I actually really appreciate your input and view. Feel free to join our discord community and let us 
know if you have any additional suggestions!

Thanks for the reply on my comment. Its good to see a developer take the communities feedback so well. I hope everything goes well for you and for the game. Hopefully the final product will be fantastic and can't wait to see it completed in the future. Good luck on the game.