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Hey Simtasia! Thank you so much for reviewing my game, I love your video by the way. I've made quite a bit of progress on Creo on the new update since the current available version. I'd love to get your feedback on future versions. Feel free to join our discord and stay updated on new developments. Thanks again!

Hey there EyesCream! First of all, thank you for trying out my game, secondly, I'm definitely working on a tutorial for first-time players. Regarding your deselection and straight road errors:

Deselection: I'm not sure if I have seen this error before, and I can't seem to replicate it. Could you hop on our discord server and state the error in more detail for me to fix?

Road tool: I will admit it is a bit buggy, and there are times where it doesn't work. It especially doesn't seem to like vertical road placement haha. So if this is the case, I'd recommend rotating the camera for now.

Thanks for you feedback EyesCream! I look forward to seeing you in the discord server!

This is awesome man!

Hey there Giuseppe,

In order to place structures, they need to be placed within the blue build area, which is created by your road network. Did you lay down roads before attempting to place buildings? That might be a possible explanation for the issue.

Thanks! I really appreciate you saying that. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve the game, or would like to stay informed on current progress, feel free to join our discord!

Hey there Intex Gaming!

Thanks for taking the time to write down your suggestions and reviewing my game. So regarding the suggestions you mentioned,
five of the seven suggestions mentioned have either already been implemented in the next version, or are in the planning stages
for future development. And trust me, I know city building and god games—I've played them my whole life haha. I've got lots of ideas, the only thing I don't have too much of is time. Each one of the systems mentioned takes hours and hours to code and implement.

Regardless of this however, they are in the works, and I will strive to create a game that can live up to your and the community's expectations. Thanks again for your suggestions Intex, I actually really appreciate your input and view. Feel free to join our discord community and let us 
know if you have any additional suggestions!

Here's the link:

Hey Chris! Feel free to join our Discord community and let us know what kind of buildings you would like to see!

Currently looking at rebalancing for the next update

I think that's a great idea as a sort of end-game reward!

I'll have to see if that's a possibility in the future!

Sounds great! Hop on our discord and let me know what you think!

Looking forward to it! Planning on another large update here in the next few days as well. An economy trade system in addition to what's in. You might consider holding off for now until that release!

Oh of course! I'm planning on at least 10, most likely more. In fact, members of my discord server get to actually help me pick and create which God Powers get included, so feel free to hop on and share! Also, a much improved version has been uploaded—I'd love to get your input on it.

Hey DizzYgaming! Love your video! I wasn't able understand your question, could you clarify a bit? I'd love to answer any questions you might have.